Sweat, work in the heat

Joe March, of Orbit Freight Line of West Deptford, quenches his thirst after adding gas to the Sunoco station in Egg Harbor Township when temperatures hit the mid-90s on Monday, July 2.

If you liked Monday, whether at the shore or the mainland, you’ll like Tuesday, as a similar day is likely. It will become even stickier into the week, and that will flare up storms Thursday and Friday that will threaten to bring more flooding to the area.

Temperatures Tuesday morning will start off at or just above 70 degrees. Without the air conditioner, it may be to tough to sleep in, as we continue to stay above average in the temperature department.

High pressure off the North Carolina coast will be the dominant player for Tuesday. We’ll have a southerly wind around the clockwise-spinning high pressure, with a sea breeze developing out to the Garden State Parkway corridor. High temperatures will range from about 90 west of the parkway to the upper 80 east of the parkway on the mainland. The shore will then have sea breeze relief, dropping into the low 80s.

Another reason to head to the shore? It’ll be dry there. Thunderstorms will flare up after 1 p.m. on the mainland. In fact, these storms should really hold to western portions of Atlantic and Cumberland counties. Any storm can bring roadway flooding, as there’s plenty of moisture in the air.

Storms will calm down after 9 p.m. Otherwise, we’ll have a partly cloudy night. In a sign of fall’s slow arrival, sunsets are before 8 p.m. for most spots now. Atlantic City’s last 8 p.m. sunset was Sunday; in places such as Mays Landing it will be Tuesday and out near Bridgeton and Hammonton, it will be Wednesday. Still, it’ll be very summery out, despite the increased nights, which will help deliver cooler hours in the darkness. Temperatures will fall through the 80s during the evening. Overnight lows will be 70 to 75 degrees again.

Wednesday will be about the same story as Tuesday in terms of temperatures and cloud cover. We’ll see morning sun mix with afternoon clouds as highs get up to 90 well inland and low 80s at the shore. However, do look for storms to move further east during the afternoon, near the Garden State Parkway corridor. Storms will be isolated in coverage, but any storms can bring pockets of flooding again.

The front that will bring the storms Tuesday and Wednesday will stall out over the region Thursday and Friday. That already will bring very muggy air. However, add pent-up moisture in the Deep South being released northward, and you have a recipe for torrential downpours, similar to last Friday.

Any point Thursday or Friday could have a thunderstorm. However, it will not be a washout. Generally, expect isolated showers and storms during Thursday morning through Friday morning, with scattered storms during the afternoon.

Rainfall rates of 1 or 2 inches per hour will be common and with an already saturated ground, flooded roads as well as stream flooding will threaten. If you have a basement that flooded from the rains last week, it could happen again this week.

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