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The full, buck moon will come Thursday, here's why it's called that
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The full, buck moon will come Thursday, here's why it's called that

Two lunar eclipses, two supermoons and a blue moon highlights 2021's full moon schedule. 

South Jerseyans wanting to look up at the sky will be treated with a variety of celestial events this year.

The first came in April, the start of two consecutive supermoons, which is defined as a full moon occurring around the same time as perigee, when the moon's orbit is closest to the Earth. This made the moon appear slightly bigger and 7% brighter in the sky. The distance between moon and earth was closest in May, with our rocky satellite just 222,116.6 miles away from mankind of earth, shorter than the average of 238,855 miles. 

During May there was also another supermoon, as well as a total lunar eclipse, which was last visible to South Jersey on Jan. 21, 2019. While the May full moon is typically called the Flower Moon, 2021's version is also considered the blood moon, as the lunar eclipse puts a reddish tint on our lunar neighbor. That being said, a penumbral lunar eclipse will only occur in the region, which only brings a partial darkening of the moon. 

While there will not be two full moons in one month again, like seen on Halloween of 2020, there will be another blue moon this year. 

On Aug. 22, the full, Sturgeon, moon will be the fourth full moon during the summer season. Four full moons in a season was actually the original blue moon definition. Only recently has society featured two full moons in a month as a blue moon.

Another lunar eclipse will grace the sky during the Nov. 19 Beaver Moon. While a partial lunar eclipse, which happens when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Full Moon, but are not exactly aligned between each other, South Jersey will be more in the path of the eclipse than the total lunar eclipse during May. Stay patient, as long as the sky is clear, the moon will be more in a shadow than it was during May. 

Here are the names for each of the twelve full moons, and the backstory behind the names for each one. 

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