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Voice of the People, Jan. 11, 2021

Voice of the People, Jan. 11, 2021

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Party shenanigans continuing

Regarding the recent Associated Press obituary of former DNC Chairman Don Fowler: I find it necessary to clarify a few facts about voting and the Democratic Party’s leadership’s position on such matters when it turns to people they would label disrespectful of their policies and who threaten their private party.

I am referring to the stance of exclusion, when it came to the delegates to the National Convention that should have been afforded to candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, when he reached the required 15% threshold vote in the Louisiana and Virginia primaries.

Instead, Fowler ordered that standard to be disregarded, as LaRouche was “not a bonafide Democrat.” Later in 2000, his successor, following that dictate, even though the disregarding was of a larger margin, LaRouche had his delegate votes ordered “switched” to candidate Al Gore.

Such shenanigans were on full display again in 2016, when with the release of the Clinton/Podesta emails by Wikileaks, it was revealed that the DNC had worked tirelessly to derail the Sanders and other campaigns through control of monies, the steering of positive press, and even giving candidate Clinton advance notice of debate questions.

President Trump should call for a special prosecutor to investigate all evidence of fraud in the 2020 election, and in parallel to that should pardon both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden as they possess critical personal knowledge of how the intelligence community has conducted such hidden programs.

Bruce Todd


Relief bill a split

The Congress sent a COVID-19 relief bill to the president, albeit not enough and too limited for the needs. The $900 billion or so contained about $400 billion rollover from the CARES Act, so not all new money, but no money for states and local governments to sure up their service budgets, per Sen. Mitch McConnell and the Republicans. The Democrats lost that one to McConnell, a point to remember. The Democrats blocked McConnell’s attempt with Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania to give liability protections to business for carelessness and harm to its employees leading to COVID-19 infection. That is socialism for business, so business does not have to insure itself adequately. McConnell lost that one to the Democrats, another point to remember.

Marc Chiappini


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