Roberta Cripps

Jim Clark. Two videos clearly shows he was murdered

Well I kind of knew that. I donated a kidney to my daughter in 2009. She also had a liver transplant when she was only 6. I know quite a bit about transplants. The article should have mentioned kids were tested and rejected

The article says nothing about the 3 kids being tested. Surely at least one of them would be an ideal match. Blood relatives are always preferred. Type 0 is pretty common blood type too

Totally agree. Lots of cities are left with unpaid bills. So good luck wildwood

Dear ms post. With all due respect I think your statement saying van Drew’s staff resigned because he’s becoming a republican is not accurate and not what they said in their statement at all. Their written statement stated that his values (by switching to republican) no longer reflected t…

I am very disappointed in vanDrew. Being on Fox News and quoted by trump?! Plus it’s impossible to contact him via email through his congressional site. His anti environmental stance here locally (his push for the pipeline here through the Pinelands etc) indicated he is more republican th…

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