Teddy Tune

Teddytheman commented on Voice of the People, Sept. 21, 2020

Benito Obama and Dementia Joe Biden dumped $150 Billion in cash at the Airport in Iran as they were chanting " Death to America" America 1st. Trump 2020 MAGA!!!

Teddytheman commented on Voice of the People, Sept. 21, 2020

Joyce, President Trump NEVER called our Soldiers Losers and Suckers. That was all discredited, stop with the propaganda. You are probably a full pledged Democrat who hates Trump. We are hoping President Trump gets a new conservative Justice in the Court ASAP. We can't wait for the debates…

The Good News is the Drunks can't go to the games so our streets are much safer. As long as Jeffrey Lurie owns the Eagles we hope they continue to lose!!!

Good, it will keep the Drunks off our Streets!!!!

Teddytheman commented on Voice of the People, Sept. 19, 2020

Kathy when did you figure out all Politicians Lie?? Obama Lied and Biden Lie's daily. You don't have to like President Trump but Biden is a place holder for a very radical group of people. You do not want Socialism for your Children. Trump/Freedom Biden/Socialism

Our parents fought …

Every Forest offical says the dead brush needs to be cleaned up and every mlle or so a 50 yard bunker needs to be cut to keep the fires from spreading. California will not do it because they refuse to upset the enviroment. The totally green California just sent their pollution across Amer…

Teddytheman commented on Voice of the People, Sept. 18, 2020

Elaine, don't forget back in January when Covid was picking up steam, the Washington Democrats and the media were too busy trying to Impeach President Trump. Trump put in a Travel Ban in January and was called a Racist by Biden and the rest of the Socialists. DingBat Pelosi was in Chinato…

Murphy is worth $200 Million and life is great for this Socialist. NY tried to tax the rich and Cuomo said they are gone so they had to go back to the middle class and bang them. Most people with big money are smarter than Politicians, they either move or move their money.

Teddytheman commented on Voice of the People, Sept. 17, 2020

Jeannie you are 100% right. The Media is as corrupt as most Politicians. We can't wait till the debates, Trump will destroy Biden. America has had enought of Antifa and BLM destroying our City's. Yesterday a poll came out that the people who live in these war zones are voting for Trump 2-…

Teddytheman commented on Voice of the People, Sept. 16, 2020

Lee why is it that the Police and Whites are always asked to change but not Blacks???? Stop resisting and do what the Officer tells you otherwise bad things happen. Nothing will change until real change happens. Dad needs to be part of the family and they need to stop voting for Democrats…

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