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steven fenichel

No matter how they try to dress it up it’s the rotating door of profiting from public service.

Like putting lipstick on a pig it’s still a pig.

With Cunningham

1. supporting healthcare as a human right and not profiting off sick people

2. His refusal to sell his soul for corporate contributions.

3. His support for the Green New Deal.

It’s clear of his concern for the ordinary citizen and his concern for th…

Trump has created a group of entrepreneurs who see themselves as great patriots by defying the science and disregarding the law of social distancing which is based on science.

If this violation of the law results in a 1000 young people like the one he killed how can he feel like a “…

Ms. Harrison is more interested in campaign contributions from Zionists then the suffering and deprivation of the human rights of the Palestinian people.

As someone with a Jewish background I find her pandering for dollars is disgusting.

Van Drew voting against overseeing the $ 3trillion+ relief fund is a serious betrayal of the public trust. He’s really gone over to the dark side.

Thank God that despite VD it passed in the Congress.

Don’t know what your referring to the woman in Toms River and I’d be surprised if the story had any substance.

As far as Trump being a racist that is self evident. Calling the worldwide Coronavirus the Chinese virus with no scientific basis which was rejected by Dr Fauci, the only s…

Bishop Glenn is now dead from the Coronavirus after his large church service disregarding social distancing.

Mr. Curcio is an ignorant politician who is advocating the same disregard of the Coronavirus danger.

Thank God that Governor Murphy is a responsible leader doing all he…

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