sm chamberlain

Just lock them up and don't let them out this time. These idiots keep spouting about their "rights". You have a right to follow the law. Executive Orders are laws, dummies!! You cannot pick & choose the ones you'll obey.

Sad that this is happening now when the extra unemployment money is ending. Hopefully they'll be an extension for all those who can benefit from it.

Exactly why I don't understand why people are ordering takeout during this pandemic. You don't know who is preparing your food and if they are infected. Too risky.

Murphy needs to stop these daily body count press conferences with him giving shout-outs like he's at a hip-hop concert. He needs to get on the people he put in charge to handle these agencies. He's put people in charge of these agencies that are totally out of their element. Corbett, wit…

Good. Someone was listening.

If he switches he's brought all the divisiveness going on in DC right to our doorstep. If it is true and it does appear that it is, his resigning staff members wouldn't have done so at this juncture. If nothing else he should NOT switch to the Republican party. He should become an Indepen…

Van Drew needs to do the will of the people who voted for him. If he doesn't he'll be a one term Congressman. Maybe he doesn't like Washington politics and this is his way out; to turn against his party.. The Dems will have to find a viable candidate in his stead.

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