Robert King

you're spot-on Teddy. if people can riot in person they can vote in person!

damn straight!

just gonna say the same thing. this seems to be a trend.

michael, " To thine one self, be true. " really? this falls flat when compared to the actual famous line. Polonius, the older counselor of Prince Hamlet’s uncle, King Claudius, is in the midst of dispensing advice to his son Laertes (who was about to leave Denmark and return to France) wh…

Chris Rock says "Obey the Law" and gives advice on how not to get your butt kicked by the police. just youtube "Chris Rock."

Robert, once again, well said sir. the poor have been voting democrat for 50 years and they're still broke and their cities are corrupt, burning shitholes.

for cryin' out loud. once you capitulate to the mob, it's never enough. then they own you.

Mr Weatherford, you know how it's always been in casinos - profits over people, workers' health be damned!

Mr Hewitt has point: on youtube search "Chris Rock how not to get your a-- kicked by the police"

just in: criminals aren't scared by gun laws and "gun free zone" signs won't save you.

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