Mchael Dante

These idiots fell the need to work out during a pandemic? Let them sweat in each other's mouths, idiots

These vermin should not be allowed to disrupt traffic in the city on the busiest weekend of the year. We can only hope that every one of these idiots catches Covid

Why aren't people carrying signs that say White Lives Matter too? The police only single blacks? I guess no white person in history has ever been killed by the police?

Why are these morons protesting the AC police? I can't.recall any of them beating on negroes? So tired of these clueless protestors who have nothing better to do. I hope they all catch Covid for this illegal gathering

They need to start jailing these moron protestors/looters. Police need to enforce the no gathering laws and if they don't Trukp needs to send innthe national to start beating these idiots down

What scumbags, burning they're own community down - I hope every single one of those protestors become homeless

So tired of hearing these people complain and protesting, listen to the police and shut your mouths

Craven Moorehead III commented on Woman struck by vehicle, killed in Longport

An 86 year old kills an 85 year old, the old bat should not have been driving

Craven Moorehead III commented on Lower Township police find missing 16-year-old girl

We are now wasting resources on bored teenagers who leave their homes for a few hours? Pathetic...

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