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Guy Branderwyle

He's kept promises? How about promising to be a Democrat?

Exactly. If a Dem in Upper Twp had posted those, he, too, would have been asked to resign.

Sure it is. Known to you, Trump and maybe Qanon.

Just what we need... a bunch of maskless, loudmouth, science-denying supporter spreaders to endangering us with Covid-19 still around.

Why would anyone, Democrat or Republican, vote for a traitor?

If he believes that BLM's agenda is leftist. then he's not qualified to hold an advanced degree. Or has equality now become leftist? And, by the way, Trump is doing a fine job of "taking down America."

The science says that masks DO work. Where's he get his science from, the Fox News Science channel?

Compromise with only an entrance or exit being moved. And consider an entrance or exit at the Ocean Heights Ave. overpass. (An unmentioned issue with the current setup is speeders on Chapman Blvd, Cooper Dr., and Ambler Road taking a short-cut to enter from the Shoprite area.)

That's right. And the guy here who accuses the major, traditional, honest sources is obvious a raving lunatic. Thank God he's part of only about one-third of the population.

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