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Q: Is it too much to expect a 2-year-old to pick up his toys? Our little fella, when we tell him to pick up his toys, just stands there and looks at us. We’ve tried making a game of it. We’ve tried punishing. We’ve tried bribing him with ice cream. Nothing has worked. At most, he will pick up one toy and put it where we tell him, but that’s it. Any ideas?

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Using a variety of toys is the best way to ensure environment enrichment for a bird. In the morning, put one or two toys in your bird’s cage, then take them out at night. Repeat each day with toys different from those the day before. This way, your bird has something unexpected to look forward to for entertainment and stimulation every day.

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If puppies are crying in the night because they’re bored and want some attention, giving it to them will only reinforce the behavior, and they’ll learn that crying gets them what they want.

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