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The Economy

LeBron James is soon going to be in the NBA record books as the most prolific scorer ever. But for all his accomplishments on the basketball court, it is James' ambitious pursuits off-the-court that may ultimately distinguish his legacy from other superstar athletes'. James co-founded an entertainment company, bought stakes in professional baseball and soccer franchises and, with help from product endorsements, his net worth is estimated to be above $1 billion. The off-court achievement James is most proud of is working to uplift the lives of people in his hometown of Akron. Many athletes have excelled in one or more of these areas. But few have done all of them as well as James.

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MEDIA, Pa. — In a region where everyone is decked out in Philadelphia Eagles gear, especially with the team headed to the Super Bowl for the second time in six seasons, Ed Kelce is easy to spot. He is a tall, sturdy man with broad shoulders and meaty hands, and even at 71 has a thick head of hair that's parted down the middle and more salt than pepper. What's different about Kelce is ...

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The latest bevy of government data shows prices are declining, wage growth has slowed and people aren’t spending like they used to.By all appearances it seems inflation is, indeed, being tamed. But at this point it’s still uncertain whether the U.S. is in the clear or instead glimpsing a recession on the horizon. Kathryn Anne Edwards,...

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RVshare, the largest community for RV owners and renters, recently unveiled their 2023 Travel Report that indicates another blockbuster year for travel. As work flexibility continues to evolve and become a permanent lifestyle for many, RVshare is predicting it will ultimately affect the way  Americans approach travel this year.  RVshare insights highlight that remote employees […]

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The Super Bowl is coming, and fans from Philadelphia, Kansas City and elsewhere are pouring into Phoenix to catch the game and its related spectacles. This soaring travel demand has run into the real-world limitations of finite hotel rooms and airline routes, creating a scramble for availability and sending prices through the (stadium) roof.Round-trip airfare...

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