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Building an inclusive work culture isn’t just a corporate trend right now—it’s one of the most effective things you can do to create a healthy, productive environment and a strong company brand. Many leaders have made inclusivity a strategic goal, and here at TJN, we’ve covered many of the dos and don’ts of strengthening your […]

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DEAR ABBY: My best friend, whom I’ve known most of my life, has a 7-year-old grandson. The boy, “Cody,” is spoiled, rude and makes obnoxious c…

Few things are as damaging to a company’s productivity than a toxic culture. If people are unhappy and stressed at work, you’re likely to see an exodus of talent and low morale among the ones who stay. Toxic work culture impacts people at every level, from the C-Suite to the interns. And if you’re looking […]

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When it comes to early detection, one innovation is replacing fire lookout towers staffed by humans with cameras in remote areas, many of them…

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Emergency managers consider fire behavior, predicted weather and the amount of time it will take to evacuate, when making the decision to orde…

Water has been generating conflicts and controversies in the U.S. for centuries, but the American West could be heading toward the most severe water shortages and skirmishes in the nation’s history. The latest clash broke out this month along California's border with Oregon in the Klamath River basin, where drought is decimating wild salmon populations. To minimize the kill, federal officials ...

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