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The new gas-powered golf carts, which replaced electric carts at Green Tree Golf Course in Egg Harbor Township The change has upset Democrat C…

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The Prius Prime has a bigger battery than a standard Prius and can be charged at home. It can go about 25 miles using all-electric power. For many people, that’s more than enough for around-town driving. Once the battery is depleted, the Prius’ hybrid powertrain takes over and delivers excellent fuel efficiency.

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Most lease contracts allow another person to take it over. Websites such as and connect lease sellers with people wanting to assume a lease.

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This method is similar to our first one. You’ll still sell your vehicle to a dealership, but leave with another vehicle as a new lease or purchase. Consider going this route if your current leased vehicle isn’t working out, but you still need a car.

“The Birch Grove Park Advisory Board opposing the dog park and the lease agreement not being in favor of the city were the main reasons to vot…

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The president and whomever he chooses to serve as his Interior secretary will have broad authority to decide what kind of energy development should take place on land owned by the federal government. On this question, Biden has been clear — he has said he would not issue new leases for fracking on federal lands.

Even with a wide network of residential, commercial and nonprofit customers, Galloway Township-based solar company AllSeason Solar still has a…

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TRUMP on Biden: "He gets up and he says, we’re not fracking. We’re not fracking. He was fracking. For six months he was fracking. He was raising his -- his very thin hand and he was fracking. And now all of a sudden he’s not fracking. ... It’s ridiculous. He said he’s not fracking." — Thursday to Fox News.

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