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Las Vegas

They’re riding the hot hand. Three major MGM resorts in Las Vegas will resume normal 24/7 operations beginning March 3, the company announced Wednesday. Mandalay Bay, Park MGM and The Mirage have all been closing at times midweek because of limited demand during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The casinos briefly shut down back in March 2020 but have since reopened with limited capacity. ...

Kyla Pratt plays Mayim Bialik’s best friend on the new FOX sitcom “Call Me Kat.” The series also includes Swoosie Kurtz and Leslie Jordan. “Traveling for work is difficult for me, mainly because of my girls,” says Pratt, 34. “I have to quarantine before I shoot, so that means mommy is gone from home longer. I don’t like to be away too long. I actually worked out of the country during the pandemic. I flew to Winnipeg, Canada, quarantined for two weeks and then got to work. When I got back home I quarantined and then went to visit my grandparents for my birthday.” The Los Angeles resident stays in touch with fans on Instagram and Twitter under the username @KylaPratt.

Time to think about last-minute holiday gifts for travelers on your list — and to rethink the usual lists to see what might still apply during the various pandemic travel limits. The best place to start is with the definition of what constitutes a really good gift.

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Q: Tim, please help me. My husband and I are at odds as to what’s slowly ruining all of my wonderful clear glasses and heat-treated glass items in my kitchen. Each time I remove them from my dishwasher, they look worse. My husband states it’s just hard water. I tried soaking some of the ruined things in hot white vinegar, and there was no change. It’s got to be something else, but I can’t figure it out. Can you shed light on this? —Sandra P., Las Vegas

Pretty soon, many of you will be sufficiently discontented with staying home that you’ll plan to travel again. And at least some travel looks to be feasible as soon as this fall and winter. But with limitations. Worldwide and nationally, COVID isn’t going to slink off into history any time soon. Travel planning must still be constrained by COVID — along with other issues.

Carralero, Julio " Jules", - 59, of Henderson, Nevada, Julio Carralero Jr. affectionately known to his family and close friends as "Jules" pea…

Log onto Expedia, check the price for a room for one night at the Luxor Hotel in mid-September, and the first comparison page is likely to highlight the rate at $39. Log onto, and the first comparison page will show $79.48, highlighted as "Booking.basic" rate in orange type, along with other rates starting at $49. And log onto, select "nightly + local taxes & fees" option, and the Luxor listing shows $84, which morphs to the same $79.48 shows when you link directly.

You've already encountered the dismal "resort" fees, but how about additional "venue," "gratuity," "service," "urban," "facility," and even "coronavirus" fees? I've written for many years that in the travel business, nothing catches on faster than a bad idea, so I suppose I should be surprised that it's taken so long for a laundry list of mandatory fees to infiltrate the hotel and restaurant businesses. All of those fees, added to the nominal price of a hotel room, restaurant meal, or bar drink, are documented in the blogosphere. Some appear to have originated in Las Vegas, but if history is any guide, you'll see them spread quickly to other prime visitor destinations.

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