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Mushrooms are a source of glutamate, a naturally occurring compound that gives the fungi their umami flavor. But to really give these“ patties” a savory boost, we brush them with vegetarian steak sauce. Add a simple side salad or some grilled veggies for a satisfying and easy dinner on the grill.

Back in 2018, I featured Hooked Up Seafood in Wildwood as one of my stops during the initial season of Shackin’ Up for the Summer. It was one of the best spots I had the pleasure of trying that year. The vibe was all but perfect: Hooked Up’s rustic, run-down looking shack sits right off Rio Grande Avenue, nestled up against the marsh with their own fishing boat docked right outside and a handful of picnic tables for customers to battle it out for when things get busy during the dinner rush.

I always feel that fish is the original fast food. It cooks in just minutes. For this 5-minute recipe, I use tilapia, because its easily available, reasonably priced and goes well with the sauce. The sauce has an unusual ingredient, ketchup. I was surprised to find that several top chefs use it in their sauces. It adds a sweet and tangy flavor. Soy sauce and vinegar finish this easy sauce. ...

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Winter at the shore is a tough thing to get excited about. This area was built for fun in the sun and in order to have that fun, the temps need to rise at least to the 70s.

Those crafty French. Them and their crazy mother sauces. Bechamel, veloute and so on. Remember them? They're the sauces you'd never serve beca…

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