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Between our two families, we are raising 11 children. Under the American Families Plan, we could start collecting up to $33,600 per year in child payments. Had this plan been in place when we became mothers, we could have pocketed up to $630,000 in total child payments, cashed in on 60 years of subsidized child care and universal pre-K, and would have enjoyed at least five years of paid family ...

I have been noticing a recurring theme of questions over the last 12 months, and today I thought we could address them all in a single article…

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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden restored a long-standing presidential tradition Monday by releasing his tax returns, showing that 25.9% of the first couple's income went to the federal government in 2020. The average federal income tax rate is just over 14%.

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If you or your future spouse went to college, it’s highly likely you will have to deal with student loans. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 46% of young married couples had student loan debt in 2016, triple the share of couples that had student loans in 1989. What happens to student […]

Despite high demand in both home purchases and mortgage refinancing, many lenders have tightened up their borrowing standards due to the economic uncertainty of the pandemic, and hopeful loan applicants may find it hard to get approved.

College degree holders often fare better in the job market during economic downturns than workers without a degree, but recent graduates at the beginning of their careers face unique challenges when job market conditions are tough.

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Your doctor needs to know certain numbers to judge your physical health, such as your weight, your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels. Similarly, you need to know certain numbers…

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The U.S. suicide rate has risen dramatically in recent years, and certified money coach Tammy Lally of Washington, D.C., is convinced money shame is a contributing factor. Lally’s brother died…

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