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It’s hard not to be blown away by a guy like Jon Dorenbos. A former Philadelphia Eagle turned magician/motivational speaker, his incredible ability to overcome seemingly any obstacle that stands in his way is truly remarkable. At the age of 12, he became an orphan struggling to make sense of life after his father beat his mother to death in a fit of rage. At the age of 39, during a routine physical, he was diagnosed with having an aortic aneurysm which ended his pro football career for good.

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When you first hear about a concept like Knee High Knuckle Buster Micro Wrestling, it sounds like a crazy idea rebirthed from the days of traveling circuses and sideshows. And maybe it is. But now, after 5 years of successful events, it’s also managed to become something of an institution in Atlantic City.

"He throws REALLY hard. The Twins used to be known as an organization that loved finesse guys who throw strikes, but that has changed in recen…

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