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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Somewhere between testing beet and carrot juice, blueberries and mint in search of the precise hues for a four-tiered rainbow cake celebrating her daughter's first birthday in spring 2020, Food Network star Molly Yeh was forced by COVID's gathering storm clouds to abruptly cancel the party she'd spent six months planning.

Nothing says summer like a big bowl of chips served with guacamole. This loaded guacamole recipe from @silvia.dabish (Cooking with Silv) is so much more than an appetizer. The added black beans and corn make it a satisfying lunch on its own.

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Cooking steak in a slow cooker the right way means tender and juicy meat packed full of flavor. Here’s how you can achieve it with your slow cooker at home.

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The weather has warmed up, a lot of vaccines have gotten into a lot of arms, and many of us are getting ready to gather with friends (following all CDC safety guidelines) for the first time in well over a year.

Sometimes the key to easy, flavorful weeknight cooking is looking at dishes in a different way. Risotto, for instance. In typical recipes, chicken broth is added to rice in stages, requiring constant stirring that knocks loose starches that combine with butter and broth to create a creamy sauce.

Chances are you’ve spent more time in the kitchen this past year than ever before. And the COVID-19 cooking craze hasn’t only been about putting dinner on the table; it has been a great way to tune out and decompress from the stress of living through a pandemic. Now that you have (almost) perfected your sourdough, it’s time to take your cooking game up a notch or two with a few simple tools. ...

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