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Civil Rights

The median white household owns over 10 times as many assets as the median Black household — a gap that has actually widened since the civil rights victories of the 1960s. There are all sorts of reasons for this staggering inequality — from segregation, redlining, loan discrimination and other systemically racist policies that historically shut many Black people out of homeownership and ...

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Based on an unfinished manuscript from writer and activist James Baldwin, the documentary "I am Not Your Negro" offers us the voices of the pe…

Just when you think politics can’t get any weirder comes the news that Roger Stone wants to run for Florida governor. Yes, that Roger Stone, the sharp-elbowed political operative (from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump) and self-described dirty trickster. Ordinarily, this would be a disastrous idea. But these aren’t ordinary times. If Stone messes up Gov. Ron DeSantis’ reelection plans, we say: Go ...

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The civil rights struggles in the United States and the end of colonialism in Africa came at the same time and naturally the movements dovetailed.

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