Sweeney backs donor transparency measure

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Senate President Steve Sweeney on Thursday announced his support for a bill that would require groups that seek to influence the political process to disclose their donors, a move he says will increase transparency.

State Sen. Troy Singleton, D-Burlington, introduced a bill last February to revise existing legislation to include expanded reporting requirements for any organization that spends $3,000 or more in pursuit of influencing the political process. It would require information from those organizations on contributions and expenditures over $300.

Sweeney, D-Salem, Gloucester, Cumberland, wants to revise Singleton’s bill to require disclosure of all contributions retroactive to the beginning of 2018.

In a statement, Sweeney said adding his name to those calling for greater transparency is about strengthening the democratic functions of the system.

“If they are attempting to advocate for favored policies, influence the fate of legislation or direct state regulations, the public has a right to know,” Sweeney said. “Full disclosure will improve the process of government and enhance public confidence.”



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