VINELAND — Will Cunningham, who is running to be the Democratic nominee in the July 7 primary to challenge U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-2nd, in November, has received an endorsement from progressive group Atlantic County Our Revolution.

“Progressive is more than just a label, it is a fight, an understanding of struggle and a passion for bold policies,” said Cunningham in his statement accepting the endorsement. “I have fought my entire life for vulnerable communities, and it is time that our elected leaders work for those unable to fight for themselves.”

Among the candidates Cunningham is competing against for the Democratic nomination are Brigid Callahan Harrison of Longport and Amy Kennedy of Brigantine.

Those closest to the pain must be closest to the power of influencing policy, Cunningham said.

“Atlantic County Our Revolution understands that, and I am thrilled to fight alongside them for real progressive change across South Jersey,” Cunningham said.

In a statement, Mico Lucide, chair of Atlantic County Our Revolution, said, “In a race beset by machine politics and super PACs, no amount of platitudes can replace firm policy stances on what matters most.”

In his experience as a chief investigator on the House of Representative’s oversight committee, Cunningham said he held corporations accountable.

“In Congress, I will do the same to help the families and children of New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District achieve their dreams just as I, with their help, was able to do not so long ago,” Cunningham said. “Atlantic County Our Revolution recognizes that our campaign is the only voice for true progressivism and equality in this race.”

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