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Voice of the People, Sept. 29, 2020

Voice of the People, Sept. 29, 2020

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Open all polling places

I have been going to the supermarket and pharmacy since the COVID-19 pandemic began. I have been able to get into close contact with my barber for over a month now. My wife has been getting her nails done, coming into close contact for almost an hour with the provider of the service.

I can go to a gym and work out with others. I can, if I wanted one (which I don’t), get a tattoo, legitimate since June 22, having someone inject ink under my skin. And I can now, finally, go into a sparsely occupied restaurant. Heck, I can pretty much do anything, with some limitations.

However, I cannot do the one thing I have always done privately, alone in a closed off booth — vote. Maybe I am missing something, but one of the most private American privileges has been taken from me, my right to cast my vote.

I have little, if any, faith that voting by mail will be fair, non-biased, effective and timely. If our state representatives, as well as all the other states demanding vote by mail, can’t figure out how to allow Americans to fairly, safely and effectively cast their ballots, we all have to consider who we should be voting for in this election. Living under Gov. “Murphy’s Law” has been rough. Not knowing if my vote has been properly counted is pretty much the last straw for me. Let us get out and vote!

Rob Coyne


Smoking may spread virus

I can’t begin to get into Gov. Phil Murphy’s mind for banning smoking in casinos, but if one takes off a mask and blows smoke into a room, I would think that might increase the spread of COVID. Perhaps the virus dies in the smoke.

Barbara Rainear

Ocean City

No bias on shootings

We all have our biases.

When I watch a football game I tend to see the opponent team’s infractions more than my teams. However if I saw a player on my team shoot an opponent team member, I would have to admit it. So if you see someone shoot someone, put aside your biases and do the right thing.

Michael Santambrogio

Egg Harbor Township

Confirm identity to vote

This shows the disparity between what is right and what is wrong. The New Jersey Division of Elections has indicated that 12,585 voters have recently registered online. Part of this registration process is that the voter had to provide some form of identification to be included on the voting roles. As in a majority of other transactions, it is mandatory to show some form of identification.

Then why is it when it comes to our most privileged right, the right to vote, that no identification is required to cast a ballot? The left complains that this is discriminatory to ask for identification. But how else are we to stop election fraud, which idoes exist. And let’s not forget the legitimacy of the mail-in ballot. What a farce.

Ted Hesser

Mays Landing

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