Biden is a puppet of leftist Democrats

So after months of looting, rioting, burning of buildings and even killings, the Democrats are speaking out. Why now? Because, in their words, the violence is not playing well in their focus groups.

Republicans, Democrats, liberals anyone else can’t possibly be happy living in fear for their lives.

A video from ABC News showed Mass at the cathedral in Philadelphia. And out of nowhere a woman cold cocks a parishioner. Why? In church no less.

People are harassed in public if they don’t raise their fist in support of BLM. And today Nancy Pelosi says there shouldn’t be any debates. Hmm, I wonder why. Could it be because she knows Joe Biden can’t compete?

Every day they eat away at more of our rights. Be afraid people. They are worse than any virus.

I have issues with President Trump. And we have lots of issues that need to be dealt with. But Biden? Or is it Bernie Sanders? They couldn’t sell Sanders to the people but they could offer Biden as a moderate.

Don’t be fooled. He is the puppet of Pelosi, Sanders and AOC. And he will not be running the government. They will. It will not be beneficial to anyone but them.

Our very way of life is being threatened and I for one will fight for my rights.

Jeannie Petrarca

Egg Harbor Township

Slow mail is puzzling

I mailed out about 30 thank you cards on July 24. I had two with wrong addresses. On one, I forgot an apartment number. I received that back in the mail around Aug. 20.

One other had a wrong city. I put Egg Harbor City instead of Hammonton. The second card I got back in the mail on Aug. 25. Both were mailed from Egg Harbor City.

Just wondering why it took so long for the USPS to return them to me. Neither card had to go more than 20 miles from my house. What is wrong with the USPS? Employees make a decent salary with great benefits.

Ethel Martinelli

Egg Harbor City

High school football decision divisive

Regarding the recent story, “NJ high school football teams will not be penalized if they kneel during national anthem”:

Shame on the New Jersey Football Coaches Association and the New Jersey Football Officials Association for promoting disrespect of the United States of America. Sowing division is not compatible with “One nation, under God, indivisible” and I’m saddened by this anti-American decision.

I agree that Black people and others have been oppressed in America, and that such oppression is abhorrent. However, sowing division is not the answer, nor should it be practiced by public schools. We need to come together, not tear ourselves apart.

David Chapman

Cape May

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