Support athlete protests

I commend the players who show their disdain and contempt for what has happened and what is happening to Black men across this country by pausing. They are stopping play, giving up money and giving focus to a cause striking deeply in the Black community, the killing of Black men by police officers.

The shooting of Jacob Blake hit me hard. We can argue the point that he resisted, that he would not listen to the officers’ commands, but I saw a man walking away from them then being shot in the back. They could have Tased him, they could have wrestled him down to the ground, they could have even shot him in the leg, but they shot seven bullets into his back.

With all the protesting going on, it does not seem to be getting the point across that these atrocities are taking a toll on the psyche of the nation, and Black people in particular.

So I commend the Milwaukee Bucks and other pro teams for not playing because of this incident and making a stand. For this country to take notice, there is a need for those in the public eye to make statements, offer support, oppose injustices wherever they see them and make sacrifices. This may hurt their pockets, but this is all the more reason I would stand in support of them because in the end it cannot be about the money. We need leaders, and when Washington does not act, the people need to voice their concerns, loudly. Maybe having big business feel it in their revenue earning power will help put the focus on these matters.

I do not have the answer to this problem but my heart aches and I would like to see more people we admire use their considerable influence for the good of this nation because we all are one.

Lee F. Temple

Atlantic City

Democrats ignore debt, nationwide unrest

President Trump is not a career politician. His manner of speaking is often annoying, and he has outraged many in Congress as an outsider winning the election in 2016. His ability to foresee the best direction to improve financial matters and make the country stronger is the reason he wants people’s votes in November.

The country now faces a presidential election that will help it keep its republic or see it turn toward socialism. It sounds so good to have free health care, free college education and such, with the rich paying more to keep what some consider a somewhat balanced federal budget.

It is well known that you cannot spend more than you have without going into debt. The Democratic platform ignores this obvious reality as well as doing nothing to address the nationwide unrest at this time as a responsible party policy would do.

Gail Zona

Galloway Township

School not ready to open

I have contacted offices from Governor’s Office to local municipality. Two questions: Who is responsible for enforcing the mandates? How can teachers in the Atlantic City High School be told to report and teach from a building that has not improved what I think is an outdated, ineffective HVAC system? I thought this was supposed to be a prerequisite for opening schools.

If the building was brought to where it was supposed to be, and the solution to how good ventilation will be brought into a closed building, real testing other than temperature checks (given the fact that asymptotic people can carry the virus), it may be safe to return to school as long as all of the mandates are enforced. If this can be done and all, not some or none, of the mandates are strictly enforced, the schools can open to staff and students safely.

As it presently stands, teachers will be at risk of infection and bringing the virus to their families and the general public (community spread).

And schools may not reopen to students in the foreseeable future.

Somebody should stand up and take responsibility for the compliance of schools.

Abby Bender


Grateful for Sen. Testa

Last year, I was proud to vote for a Republican who stood by his principles and proudly stated he would fight against Gov. Murphy’s radical agenda. Nearly 10 months ago, South Jersey elected that man — Sen. Michael Testa.

Testa stood by his words and has fought against Murphy’s radical agenda every day since. I am proud to see him not only as a state senator, but also an attorney, fighting for what South Jersey stands for: conservative principles which protect our Constitution. I understand his battles are uphill, and I thank him for waking up each day, putting on his gloves, and fighting for me and my family.

Kim Codispoti


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