Paper ballots are best

Are state Sen. Michael Testa and the Trump campaign aware that the voting machines in nearly all of New Jersey have no paper back up? These are older voting machines that can be tampered with or programmed wrong, and without a paper trail there is no way to conduct a recount or an audit after the election.

Some say that every citizen should have the right to vote on a machine, but is that voting machine secure? The mail-in ballots ordered by Gov. Murphy are the best we can do for November 2020 because they are hand-marked and recountable.

Anyone who wishes to go to the polls on Election Day (Nov.3) can go and cast a paper provisional ballot or drop off their mail-in ballot. An added bonus of this almost entirely paper election is that New Jersey will be conducting its first post-election audit, an additional security measure to insure the integrity of election results. Make sure to vote, and pressure representatives to buy voting machine systems with hand-marked paper ballots and optical scanners for use in future elections.

And in the middle of a pandemic, a mail-in ballot may be better for your health.

Joan Costello

Galloway Township

Bring back stop and frisk

I’ve been contemplating the idea that for the greater good of society we all wear masks in spite of the constitutional gray area concerning individual rights.

This also comes into play in the discussion of possible forced vaccination in the near future due to COVID 19 despite what may be the lack of information of side effects.

My question would be to mayors around the country whose cities are overburdened with gun violence and are at a loss with solving this problem — why not restore stop and frisk? It is apparent that whatever measures are being taken in large cities to combat gun violence are failing miserably.

People will say now is not the time. When is the time? When hundreds of more innocent people die at the hands of callous murderers?

I come from a city where it is definitely out of control and hate to see what has happened to my hometown. I have not seen this addressed and it seems the answer is right before our eyes.

I understand that it is problematic and it infringes on liberties but the barn door is already open and the horse has already left the stable regarding our liberties.

Ben Franklin famously said that the man who would trade his freedom for safety soon will have neither. I’m afraid we have already started our journey on this precarious road.

Joseph M. Farnan

Egg Harbor City

Vote Corson out in Upper

For the past six months, Upper Township has been battling the COVID-19 virus and attempting to deal with this pandemic and the ensuing rules and regulations in any way that we know how. I know firsthand what the effects of a COVID-19 diagnosis can do to a person as I dealt with the virus for 11 days and developed pneumonia as a result of having first battled with the coronavirus. It was scary and it was painful, but I survived and I can tell you that regardless of your political affiliation, it is not something that you want to experience. I believe that my opponent Curtis Corson is seeking to use the coronavirus as a political tool to his advantage in our local Upper Township Municipal Committee race this year.

I think Corson wants to pull the wool over people’s eyes with his latest campaign signs. The message contained on the signs wants the intelligent voter of Upper Township to believe that he is “fighting for your right to vote” and then includes a phone number for you to call. How does this constitute fighting for your right to vote? While far from perfect, the process that has been established for the upcoming election allows every voter to either cast a ballot in person at a local polling location or to cast a ballot by mail without fear of the COVID-19 virus. Corson has voted by mail in the last four elections, yet he is preaching that he now wants to protect people’s right to vote in person. This is a purely partisan move — I consider it hypocritical and his message divisive. I hope that people show their intelligence on Nov. 3. Together, let’s upgrade Upper Township Committee and vote Curtis Corson out of office for a second time.

John Amenhauser

Upper Township

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