Meat animals suffer

I find no joy in another person losing their livelihood.

A recent poultry farm fire left me grieving for thousands of birds that died such a horrific death.

The life of factory farmed animals is sad enough. This was a tragedy. I think that like people, animals feel pain, form bonds and know love.

Many factory farmed animals spend a short life crammed together.

The time is past due to stop the misery of factory farming. Consider a meat free lifestyle. It’s a great way to feel better and contribute to a kinder world. If eggs are a must, many local farmers offer free range eggs. Most of all, remember all life is precious. I don’t believe we are here to profit off the misery of other living things.

Lisa Morse Morrison


Machine voting the answer

Will your vote really count? Not a day goes by that either on TV or in the newspapers there are articles concerning the pros and cons of universal mail-in ballots. With the marijuana referendum to be voted on in addition to the presidency, a much larger turnout will be expected.

The most logical solution to avoid all controversy is to stick with the tried and proven system of machine voting. Just think, no money is needed for the printing of thousands of ballots, additional multitude of personnel and overtime does not have to be paid at taxpayer cost, accusations of impropriety would be gone but the most important thing of all is that your vote would be counted in time.

Under the mass mail-in-balloting decision there probably will be thousands of ballots that will not even be counted by the time an election winner is announced. One of those ballots might be yours.

Sure, there is concern about the possible spreading of the coronavirus. During the primary, pens were issued to all who voted by provisional ballots. Why not issue gloves to all who vote by machine, a lot cheaper than the other alternative as stated above. There would be no long lines or waiting periods.

As it stands now, mail-in-ballots also will be accepted at drop boxes and the polls. More people need to be hired to handle these. What is protecting poll workers from handling paper ballots that may be infected? Republicans and Democrats should question why mass mail-in voting is being pushed by Gov. Murphy when it is too costly and inefficient. People should petition for machine voting to ensure their votes count.

Joseph Sundra


Boomers not indulged

As a baby boomer, I took offense to the recent commentary by Andreas Kluth, “Boomer socialism indulges at the expense of millennials.”

In my 48 years of working non-stop (sometimes three jobs), I served in the military and for many years worked for low pay in factories. How many millennials actually worked in factories?

I was never without work because I always took jobs that no one else wanted in an effort to support my family. I always paid my taxes and never took anything from the system. I was fortunate to have worked in a Ford plant for 15 years, but the union renegotiated their pension with the company and just paid us out so I was really left with nothing.

Now retirement is closing in and I have nothing but Social Security and a pittance military disability pension. Where is my fat pension and all this cushy stuff that Kluth is talking about? I do not know too many people my age that would fit into that category.

I suggest that Kluth walk in someone else’s shoes for a while before writing this garbage.

Andrew Nodolski


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