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Voice of the People, Oct. 9, 2021

Voice of the People, Oct. 9, 2021

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Animal studies crucial to medical progress

Regarding the recent column by Dr. Alka Chandna, “US needs new health research leader”:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals seeks to mislead Americans using faulty statistics and PR spin. They employ these strategies to try to convince us that critical animal studies that benefit both humans and pets are no longer necessary.

As the communications director for Americans for Medical Progress, I know nothing could be further from the truth.

The current pandemic has repeatedly demonstrated the critical need for animal research. It’s helped scientists develop safe and effective vaccines in record time. The groundbreaking use of mRNA snippets to fight the coronavirus — an approach used in both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines — was developed years ago in animal studies.

Research in animals over several decades gave us the previously FDA-approved drugs we are now using to fight the disease in infected patients. At the same time, animals are helping us develop new and better therapies so we can save even more lives.

Animal studies are also combating cancer, heart disease and countless other ailments. Experts around the globe agree, animal research remains critical for continued medical progress whether PETA believes it or not.

Jim Newman

Washington, D.C.

Afghanistan exit Biden’s big blunder

Where was President Biden as the Taliban progressively took over Afghanistan on their way to capture Kabul? After a 20 year fruitless effort and billions of American dollars wasted, the current administration thought it best to let a terrorist organization call the shots.

Fellow Americans should have been the first to return home. Instead, this feckless administration decided to leave $90 billion of taxpayer-purchased sophisticated military equipment, supplies and vehicles there for the Taliban.

Biden stated, “90% of Americans in Afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave.” What happened to no Americans left behind? Now hundreds or more Americans are trapped there, subjected to the whims of terrorists. This includes adults, school children, pets and service animals. People wouldn’t find this acceptable if a family member or friend was stuck there.

Moreover, Biden has never accepted responsibility or even apologized for the deaths of those 13 brave service members whose deaths could have been avoided. This abhorrent behavior comes from a man who actually bragged about the current success of this operation.

Fabrication is certainly nothing new to Biden. Secretary of State Blinken says the administration believes in the commitment of the Taliban to allow safe passage of those stranded Americans. Really? What good is having the strongest military in the world if this president is going to let the country be bullied by terrorists? Time for Biden to go.

Chris Munroe

Mays Landing

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