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Voice of the People, Oct. 9, 2020

Voice of the People, Oct. 9, 2020

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Honor Stockton, greats

Regarding the recent letter, “Stockton name offensive”:

The writer claims that Stockton University’s name is offensive because it’s named after Founding Father Richard Stockton, who owned slaves. All right then, let’s take down George Washington’s and Thomas Jefferson’s heads from Mount Rushmore, because after all they owned slaves. Let’s get rid of Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute because Benjamin Franklin owned slaves.

Even if you helped shape the greatest country on Earth, you shouldn’t be honored if you owned slaves. Is that how it is? Heck, let’s stop celebrating Christopher Columbus because he indirectly caused the death of American Indians. It doesn’t matter that he paved the way for Vespucci and Magellan and the Pilgrims and countless other explorers to settle in America. Let’s get rid of all memory of Andrew Jackson because he expatriated the American Indians from the ever-growing USA.

Yes, slavery (and racism in general) is wrong and was wrong, even back then when few thought it so. However, the good things that these men did for the country outweigh the bad things. Washington, of course, led the United States (albeit aided by France) to victory over the British in the Revolutionary War. Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and Richard Stockton signed it, as well as Benjamin Franklin, who also signed the Constitution and the Treaty of Paris, not to mention his discoveries and science. Columbus paved the way for the conquest of America, (and the conversion of many souls to Christianity) and Jackson is one of the reasons why the United States was not crushed by the allied British, Canadians and American Indians in the War of 1812.

The name of Richard Stockton should not be considered offensive and neither should the names of any of these great men. The writer should take into consideration what the world would be like if the United States had never been united, or had been re-conquered and scattered. Not a better place, that’s for sure.

Philip Palomeque

Ocean City

Stop Barrett to ease divide

Given the fact that President Trump has been able to appoint two justices to the Supreme Court in his time in the White House and the unrest that pervades this country, I believe that many Senate Republicans should stand up and declare that they will not vote on a new appointment until after the election and then only vote after the new Senate is in place on Jan. 3. We have to stop the worst sense of political divide in the country that has occurred in my 67 years. The healing needs to start soon.

John Regina


Tax carbon emissions

I was thrilled to read recently about the new wind energy port being planned for Salem County (“New Jersey Wind Port project in Salem County is the next big thing”). In the video accompanying the article, you can hear the hope and excitement of local residents and leaders about bringing good jobs to South Jersey.

Especially with communities suffering amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this green development project is welcome news indeed. The Salem wind port development also shines a light on a positive new path for South Jersey — one that brings many more jobs by investing in renewables as the engines that will power the future.

This kind of green economic growth is one reason I support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act that is currently pending in Congress. The act will spur new green investments and create millions of jobs by making companies pay for all the carbon pollution that is changing our climate. The bill also includes a dividend payment to all American households so that families don’t get clobbered by higher energy prices, as well as a border adjustment (import tax) so that other countries can’t shirk their own climate responsibilities at our expense.

South Jersey needs more good jobs in growth industries and we need real action to slow down climate change, which is impacting coasts, farms and health. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act does both. I hope that South Jersey communities and their representatives will continue to promote green policies and projects like the New Jersey Wind Port.

Moira Sweeder

Somers Point

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