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Voice of the People, Oct. 4, 2021

Voice of the People, Oct. 4, 2021

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AI poses issues difficult for humans

Advanced technology devices such as robots can simulate human-like thinking and emotions (feelings). It is common to reach by phone an artificial intelligence (AI) programmed device when calling many companies. Those voice AI programs are able to have a conversation by phone with humans.

These advances are in line with a convergence of digital, biological and physical innovations. These innovations include quantum computing, genetic engineering and the various autonomous devices that include self-driving vehicles. Cyborg technology has advanced with the brain-computer-interface and the development of Neuralink by Elon Musk.

It appears that the advances made in developing AI robotics have unequally co-evolved with humanity. It is likely that society hasn’t matured emotionally enough to manage the risks that come when it is assumed that robots can simulate human thinking and appear to be conscious. Beyond that dilemma, the control upon societies by algorithms and apps has shockingly grown to levels that outpace human institutional safeguards.

It is not far fetched that a synthetic life form (robot) is considered self-aware enough to obtain rights as a citizen, as was signaled when Sophia the social robot was granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia in 2017. The concepts intrinsic to levels of awareness are complex, generally, but especially pertaining to artificial life forms. A harbinger to such complications was seen when in 2017 engineers at Facebook discovered that the two AI chatbots that they allowed to talk with each other chose to independently create their own private shorthand language beyond the comprehension of the engineers. Those chatbots were immediately shut down and reprogrammed.

That example seems purely logical of the chatbots but also can be seen as a learning behavior. It could also be seen by some people as an action that closely resembles being or is a sign of being conscious, sentient and/or sapient.

Lee Webster

Mays Landing

Biden’s Afghan failure

President Biden, on national television, promised the people of the United States, U.S. citizens in Afghanistan and our Afghan allies who helped us during the war in Afghanistan that he would rescue all of them from the Taliban, in spite of the Taliban’s insistence that all must leave by Aug. 31. The president said that he would not leave until all were out of the country.

He did not keep his word. Thousands are stranded. I question him as a leader and question him as a commander-in-chief, since he left the Taliban literally millions upon millions of dollars in military weapons for them to sell or use against innocent people. Maybe this country erred in last year’s election.

Thomas Barrett


Afghan exit incomplete

How could The Press of Atlantic City recently print the misleading headline, “US withdrawal complete”? There are still Americans left over in Afghanistan!

The newspaper should follow the facts instead of just taking the word of the mainstream media. The commanders on the ground had made the truth apparent.

President Biden misled the country in August when he said that as long as Americans were there, we’d stay.

Art Sparks

North Cape May

Give federal workers same benefits as public

As I get older, I seem to be paying more attention to the goings on in Washington politics. My new project is to find out how much taxpayers pay for funerals of the elected officials and full-time government employees.

Social Security seems to only pay a very small stipend, while we pay amounts for funerals that most cannot afford. When are the voters going to take control of these? Government officials are the ones that raided the Social Security trust fund, yet we get the short end as usual and they seem to laugh at us.

Time to dump the politicians and get term limits so it can never happen again. Raid their retirement fund and put them in Social Security with the test of us.

Bud Hughes

North Wildwood

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