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Voice of the People, Oct. 27, 2021

Voice of the People, Oct. 27, 2021

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Uncontrolled immigration threatens NJ, America

I came from Mexico, went to school, learned the spoken word of Americans, became involved in my community’s affairs. Now I want America to be saved from the tyranny of the Democrats who are communists disguised as socialists.

I am concerned that Gov. Murphy will let so many immigrants into New Jersey that I won’t be able to get work to earn money to live on.

There are so many illegal immigrants President Biden is letting across the border into the USA that has encouraged Murphy to say they can live here and that scares me very, very much.

Some of these immigrants are thieves, drug lords, rapists, murderers and are the scourge of the countries they are fleeing from. They come to America to live off the taxes we hard working American people pay.

New Jersey and our American way of life can no longer survive under the cruel and evil things Biden’s staff and cohorts are allowing to fester in America.

My friends and I talk politics and often wonder who the insane Democrats are who write Biden’s speeches, telling him what to say, as he stumbles to the podium to pretend to act like a president.

I came to America to work and raise my family so we could become American citizens. But now, I am ashamed of the selfish, greedy and illegal things the Democrats have allowed to happen to beautiful America.

Those who love New Jersey and America, in all their beauty, should do everything they can to discourage their family and friends from voting for Murphy and any of his Democratic cronies. All they care about is getting elected, taking our money for their greedy uses, and taking our right to freedom away so they can force their communistic principles upon America’s citizens.

Maria Diaz


Gas prices stay high
despite gas tax cut

The big reduction of the New Jersey gasoline tax on Oct. 1st was nearly nonexistent. Very few service stations reduced the price at the pump. I think they are pocketing the 8 cents per gallon that was supposed to be a help to drivers.

Since stations can charge whatever they want they simply left the prices unchanged. Once again the citizens of New Jersey won’t get a break.

Audrey Palumbo

Mays Landing

Bezaire should resign

Recently, four members of the City Council of Cape May called upon the fifth member of the City Council to resign. With no public support, admitted cyber-stalker Chris Bezaire remains defiant.

As a long-time resident of Cape May, I add my voice to the growing chorus chanting for him to resign. He should resign and seek the help he needs to pull his life together.

Jack Riehl

Cape May

Children need protection

President Biden, who I don’t understand, I believe is saying along with Fauci that the unvaccinated are making the vaccinated sick. So why are unvaccinated children around the world in school with vaccinated people and with no protection other than a mask?

Children are human beings and below the age of 12 there’s no vaccine for them so again why are they in school with vaccinated personnel? They had plexiglass I believe on the students’ desks, but they were removed like the sanitizer from the stores.

I would also like to know if the herd immunity has been reached. Wouldn’t this be a priority?

Deborah Gunter

Atlantic City


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