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Voice of the People, Oct. 22,2021

Voice of the People, Oct. 22,2021

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Trend toward socialism
threatens freedom

I was delighted that two recent letters revealed the dichotomy of Democratic and Republican political parties.

One clearly Democratic with only one fact stated the writer’s distain for Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s freedom of choice.

The other, clearly Republican, contained an abundance of obvious information regarding the degradation of American politics and society.

So what’s it going to take to awaken and educate American citizens to what’s transpiring in American politics? For Democrats believing in a socialistic agenda that seems to align with Marxism, it’s OK to say whatever they want. Republicans don’t have the option or freedom of choice or opinion to say what they want.

The government belongs to the people, not the politicians who live off the citizen’s tax money and inside privileges and such. We are forced to live in the type of society that destroyed the Roman Empire and those nations around the world that have failed because their leaders chose socialism. America is at the inevitable crossroad of social and economic demise.

I think the socialists are striving to attain control by failing to provide a safe, healthy nation. For examples, the immature, unstable, back and forth decisions by Fauci; the greed of Big Pharma; and the behavior of mayors who turned blind eyes to the miscreants who got away with breaking the law in their cities.

It is a collusion of political extremists (past and present) with financial assistance from wealthy corporations and individuals who hold themselves above the rules that citizens must dance to, by using fear to gain control over people.

People must try to keep their freedom when they vote in November because America is on the threshold of the eve of destruction.

Janet Conners


NJ must ban
all casino smoking

Regarding the recent letter, “Ban all casino smoking”:

As a non-smoking gambler, I want to add a hearty “Amen!” to the author’s saying it’s time to ban smoking in Atlantic City casinos.

After a few hours of play in the gaming halls, I often come home with my clothes and hair reeking of tobacco -- even when I play exclusively in the non-smoking areas.

These supposedly smoke-free areas are almost never enforced. If I politely remind someone with a cigarette in a non-smoking section to please put it out, nine times out of ten I get major attitude in response.

But I am lucky. I can choose to stay out of the gaming halls and find another pastime. Employees are stuck in what one friend called a “malignant mist” in order to earn a living.

By allowing smoking, the casinos are operating on a model from the 1950s, when nearly half of American adults smoked. These days, only 14% of the population uses tobacco. Allowing them to light up in casinos is forcing the overwhelming majority of gamblers and workers to suffer the stench and ill-health effects of their habit.

Besides, recent events have shown that smoking bans are profitable for the gaming halls. Atlantic City casinos earned record profits in the first two quarters of 2021, when smoking was banned -- even with limited capacity due to COVID. It’s time for the state Legislature to enact laws to push the casinos into the 21st century.

Elaine Rose

Galloway Township

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