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Voice of the People, Oct. 17, 2020

Voice of the People, Oct. 17, 2020

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Threat to left’s agenda

Could the progressive agenda die before the election? These unending attacks on President Trump may be more about the courts than any of Trump’s presumptive misdeeds.

If the GOP is successful at getting a conservative/constitutionalist justice seated, much of the progressive agenda, which was realized via court order rather than legislation, could be frozen for a generation.

Liberal America’s epic meltdown over Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death can be blamed on RBG herself. History just might show that RBG’s miscalculation by not retiring during President Obama’s term will have done more damage to the liberal cause than all her pro-progressive rulings helped.

Thomas DeFiore


Backs Murphy mail vote

I’m a retired postmaster and grateful to Gov. Murphy for making New Jersey vote by mail mandatory.

I received my ballot, I filled it out, and mailed my ballot back. It’s easy as 1-2-3, it’s safe and I know my vote will be counted. It also provides additional revenue for the U.S. Postal Service, which according to the American people it’s the most trusted of all the federal agencies in the USA.

James W. Fusco


For Van Drew for Congress

I recently received a text message from an organization I belong to asking for my support of Amy Kennedy in the upcoming election. I responded that I would not be voting for Kennedy nor should the organization. I am a registered Republican, but voted for Jeff Van Drew in 2018. Congressman Van Drew has worked tirelessly for his local constituents, and I know he will continue to do so. Van Drew will always put his district first.

The organization supported Van Drew in past elections. If he was a good candidate then, why isn’t he a good candidate now? The only thing that changed was his party affiliation and that shouldn’t matter. Voters should be voting for a person, not blindly following a special group.

I am sure Amy Kennedy is a nice person, but take away her last name, and everyone would be saying Amy who?

Barbara Clark

Egg Harbor Township

Mail vote lacks safeguards

Joseph Stalin used to say, it doesn’t matter who votes, only who counts the votes.

Who is going to count the mail-in ballots? How long will it take and how efficient will it be? Machine voting is safer and faster and requires voter ID including proof of U.S. citizenship. There are also challengers at the polls who can question an abnormality as an added safeguard.

None of these precautions exist with mail-in ballots, which were intended for those who could not physically vote at the polls on the first Tuesday in November, for whatever reason.

Trump will get the last laugh when he wins Oregon and Washington.

Alan Stowe

Atlantic City

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