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Voice of the People, Oct. 10,2021

Voice of the People, Oct. 10,2021

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Rights views differ

All over the news people are shown protesting that their rights are being taken away by asking them to wear a mask to protect themselves and others against COVID-19. I think some of these are the same people that are passing the laws to tell women what to do with their bodies. Look out ladies for what else they might tell us to do.

Eileen Risler


Public pays increase
of taxes on business

Both Joe Biden’s and Phil Murphy’s tax plans depend on taxing businesses while claiming not to raise taxes on the public.

Yes, the businesses will pay those taxes, but in order to stay in business they need a profit margin. To maintain that margin, they will need to raise the price of their goods or services to cover Biden’s and Murphy’s taxes.

So who is actually paying those taxes -- you, me and every consumer who purchases those goods and services.

Biden and Murphy are depending on the public not to realize that they are being taxed. This is the politicians’ version of the old bait and switch game.

Frank Priolo


Doubtful O.C. police
can handle juveniles

Regarding the recent story, “Ocean City police chief eyes restructured department”:

The article was an excellent read. I am an Ocean City resident and former law enforcement officer in Philadelphia.

I attended the town hall meeting held by Chief Prettyman at the Tabernacle prior to the summer season discussing the new marijuana laws in New Jersey and the issues dealing with them and juvenile use and underage drinking. Mayor Gillian was pacing in the rear of the facility where I was standing. I found the presentation to be weak and full of holes. Being an officer in Ocean City is a dream job and an honor, being the chief is demanding but rewarding. Appointing another captain and a deputy tells me he is not capable of leading. Philadelphia is a perfect example of this today.

The problem in Ocean City is that the chief and mayor refuse to admit there is crime here and refuse to inform the residents when it occurs. This creates doubt and uncertainty in the minds of residents and people rely on local social media sites to obtain information and rumors take over. Officers have a tough job and are constantly tested; when they see the hiring of more command staff and fewer full time patrol officers they must shake their heads, especially veteran officers.

The juveniles in Ocean City are treated with kid gloves and they are a problem that need to be dealt with in accordance with the law. Reading the article and the chief’s statements regarding the problem with kids on the beach and Boardwalk didn't seem like he had a handle on the problem. Just my opinion. I wish him well and will continue to follow his progress in the future.

Joe DiSpaldo

Ocean City

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