Religious freedom allows abortion, gay marriage

The Bible is a wonderful book. It’s thousands of years old and contains many great and inspiring stories, some of which may even be partially or mostly true. It also contains some fine moral precepts in the Ten Commandments, including telling the truth, being faithful to your spouse, honoring your parents, and not stealing or committing murder.

However, the Bible is not the law of the United States. If it was, we’d be measuring things in cubits instead of yards and miles, and in addition to not eating meat on Fridays, nobody could eat shellfish or pork on any day of the week.

This country is governed by the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and various federal and state laws. The Bible should not be used to justify a law, nor should the Bible be used as the sole source of a law. Indeed, although the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights proclaims the right to freedom of religion, it has also been interpreted to mandate the separation of church and state.

This basic concept seems to have been forgotten or ignored by a number of otherwise well-meaning people as well as some public officials, who apparently expect everyone else to comply with their own religious ideas of right and wrong — particularly with respect to abortion and gay marriage.

Not everyone marches to the same drummer, but with a little tolerance and common sense, we can all be part of the same parade.

Seth Briliant

Egg Harbor Township

Lynchings often political

President Trump was correct when he described the impeachment process by Democrats and their media mob as a political “lynching.”

Many were offended by his use of that word. That proves how successful public schools, colleges, TV and Hollywood have been with their hate-America, fake-history during the past 60 years.

Lynching has been done by and against all races in all countries. In America it was an equal opportunity way to get personal revenge and eliminate and intimidate political opponents during war or near-war conditions. It was used by white Democrats in the South against white and black Republicans who collaborated with Union soldiers after the Civil War. White Democrats in the South also lynched blacks who threatened their political control with political or economic success.

White Democrat political bosses and union leaders in the North encouraged lynchings when threatened by the success of blacks during their “Great Migration” out of the South. Newly arrived blacks worked for less pay and voted Republican. The hateful Hollywood movie “Birth of a Nation” justified and romanticized this violence to help Democrats win the 1916 elections.

Lynchings outside the South quickly ended when Republicans took back control of the national government in 1920. New laws to control and limit immigration and new machines in factories then also ended most anti-black violence by raising wages and living standards for all Americans.

President Trump is a rookie in politics, and makes rookie political mistakes. However, Trump did a lot of good by forcing the professional political elites to take off their masks and show us how evil and corrupt they really are.

Seth Grossman

Atlantic City

Booker skipping votes

I like the feature that contains how our elected representatives have voted. For several weeks Sen. Corey Booker has been shown as having not voted. This must be an error; what else could be more important than doing the job for which he was elected and for which he is being paid?

Stan Pszczolkowski

Ocean City

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