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Voice of the People, Nov. 25, 2021

Voice of the People, Nov. 25, 2021

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Casinos should dispense coins for change

I go to a casino regularly and it really irks me that when you cash in your vouchers at the machine, the casino is not dispensing your change. It prints out another voucher, which instructs you to go to a casino cage for your change.

From observing, I would guess that about 90% of customers throw away these vouchers. My friend, who is a security guard at Caesars, told me how they are told to pick these vouchers up and rip them up when customers leave them behind. If someone is caught collecting the vouchers that people leave behind, they are kicked out of the casino.

Security guards main priority is to make sure no one “steals” these vouchers from the trash or near the machines. They tell voucher thieves that they are “casino property” even if you find them on the floor.

I would guess that each casino is bringing in what would be a lot of money to me by such change not being given out. I understand that there was a change shortage but the way they are having security guards react to this is suspicious. Isn’t the coin shortage over anyway at this point? I think at the very least this money should be donated to a good cause and the casino should also address where these extra funds are going.

Jacob Cohen

Atlantic City

Immigrant misconceives life, politics in US

Regarding the recent letter, “Uncontrolled immigration threatens NJ, America”:

I commend the immigrant letter writer for successfully assimilating into the American lifestyle, but must point out that she is working under some serious misconceptions.

The first is that immigrants will take her job. There are so many help wanted signs everywhere that immigrants are needed right now to take those jobs. This country was founded on diversity and inclusion and that is indeed the American way. It is despicable that people who have attained their comfortable position in life would say to others “I’ve got mine and the heck with you.” A rising tide lifts all boats and everyone does better when everyone does better. President Biden’s Build Back Better plan will allow for everyone to do better.

The second is that Joe Biden is unfit to lead and that others are doing his job. Is he of a different generation and corny and folksy? Yes. But he is far from demented and certainly follows his own conscience and beliefs. The letter writer must be ill-informed. I believe she has listened too long to the right-wing rhetoric and that she hears what she wants to hear.

She is contending that Gov. Murphy and his fellow Democrats are “communistic.” Wanting people to have health care, good educations and fair wages does not make you a communist. It makes you a good person and we need more of those in government today.

Dianne McCarthy


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