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Voice of the People, Nov. 20, 2020

Voice of the People, Nov. 20, 2020

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Honest, legal election takes time to finish

This election is not over. Candidate Joe Biden is not yet president-elect, although he is ignoring these facts and trying hard to convince the public that he is. Neither the media nor the candidate’s campaign determines the results of this election. States must certify the results. None has done so. Congress has the final word.

72 million voters chose President Trump in an extremely close election. There are several automatic state recounts because of this fact. It is necessary and right for the good of the country that the result of this election be, and is perceived to be, legitimate, an honest election achieved by the rule of law. Count all legal votes. Do not count illegal ones.

The president has the right and the duty to challenge and pursue by means of due process of the law up to and including the U.S. Supreme Court issues of questionable election numbers and ballots, the sudden cessation of counting on Nov. 4, and apparent violations of the law. Why would the Democrats object to a factual, thorough investigation? Legal voters are entitled to a transparent and accountable election. In 2000, presidential candidate Al Gore took 37 days and a trip to the U.S. Supreme Court in his challenge to George Bush. Any fraud must not be tolerated and allowed to stand.

For 2021 elections, let’s get rid of total, mandated unsolicited vote-by-mail ballots. The pandemic will no longer be an excuse. They’re a tempting, huge opportunity for fraud plus an environment for inefficiency and delay. Solicited ballots would still be available. There would be choice. Florida’s election arrangements worked well, an example to consider. Also, let’s clean up our voter lists.

Anne H. Phillips


Make T-Day vegetarian

Next week, President Trump will take a break from brooding over his election loss to pardon two turkeys. Every one of us has that same awesome power to pardon an innocent, sentient bird by choosing a plant-based roast for Thanksgiving dinner.

The 222 million turkeys killed in the U.S. this year are typically raised in crowded sheds. Their beaks and toes are clipped to prevent stress-induced aggression. At the tender age of 16 weeks, they’re killed and plucked.

Consumers pay a heavy price too. Turkey flesh includes some cholesterol and saturated fats that in excess can elevate risk of chronic diseases. Thorough cooking is required to destroy deadly pathogens on poultry.

With growing popularity of plant-based holiday roasts, U.S. turkey production has dropped a whopping 25 percent from its 1995 high of 293 million.

This Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks for good fortune, health and happiness with a cruelty free plant-based holiday roast.

Paul Marshall


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