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Voice of the People, May 3, 2021

Voice of the People, May 3, 2021

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God a force in physics

I read with great interest the recent article, “Results of two experiments defy physics rulebook,” which challenge how physicists believe the universe works at a subatomic level. Particles like the muon may not be living in the seemingly empty spaces between them as thought. There’s something that “seems to fill in all of the space and time.” Physicist David Kaplan of Johns Hopkins University says that something could be explained by a new particle or force.

Once again, scientists have stumbled just like they did, in my opinion, with their long-accepted Big Bang Theory, which says the universe exploded and was formed from unimaginable dense, heated, marble-sized matter. But all explosions gradually dissipate once they reach their maximum outer limits, then collapse and fall back in on themselves. That’s not what’s happening with our universe as recently discovered. Not only is our universe continuing to expand, its rate of expansion is actually accelerating not slowing down in direct contradiction of how all explosions work, refuting the Big Bang Theory.

Going back to the space between known particles we spoke of and what it’s composed of, again, physicist David Kaplan says that space could be explained or occupied by a new particle or unknown force. May I suggest that perhaps our concept of God is wrong and that force could be God himself holding the whole universe that he created, not the Big Bang, together.

Donald R. Ackermann


Biden’s grand delusions

The profound leftward movement of President Biden since his inauguration reveals a pattern reminiscent of the initiatives of LBJ. Lyndon Johnson’s “guns and butter” philosophy (i.e. War in Vietnam and domestic War on Poverty — Great Society) including the creation of Medicare/Medicaid, were championed largely because of President Johnson’s passion (as he implied) to outdo FDR and JFK.

His need for adulation, for monumental policy moves, motivated him to achieve tremendous results (e.g. civil rights, health care, and income for seniors and the impoverished). Yet later, his insecurities and his desire for lasting historical significance became the seeds of his political demise with the furor over the Vietnam conflict and with the recognition of the created pervasive dependency of welfare and his other poverty initiatives.

His attempts to outdo JFK (and FDR) served to severely tarnish his own legacy. As evidenced in an LBJ quote, paraphrased: I’ll never get credit for any success in foreign affairs because I didn’t go to Harvard. He exhibited similar personal reservations in domestic matters, as well.

President Biden seems hell-bent on outdoing LBJ, Obama and even FDR. And while his 40 year political career has been mostly lackluster and tarnished by acts of plagiarism, he now seems to have delusions of grandeur — which I suspect will have devastating effects on his impact (historically).

Furthermore, while LBJ had huge power and prominence as minority and majority leader earlier in the Senate, Biden achieved little in his decades in Congress. And this may also contribute to and move Biden to reach too far and to ultimately diminish his effectiveness and his legacy.

Ron Smith


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