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Voice of the People, May 1, 2021

Voice of the People, May 1, 2021

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Felons qualify for $1,400

A recent letter complained about Democrats voting to give convicted felons in prison the $1,400 stimulus check. Felons are eligible for the stimulus money. However, they must be a citizen or legal resident, and either need to have filed a tax return, possibly as part of a joint filing, or complete an Internal Revenue Service form requesting payment.

Also worth noting is that two previous rounds of stimulus checks during the Trump administration, the CARES Act in March and the supplemental package in December, also allowed prisoners to receive checks. In addition, the number of felons getting the stimulus checks was relatively small.

Karl Frank

Mays Landing

More beach, fewer shells

As I begin my daily walk on the Margate beach, I notice the tiny broken pieces of white shells amid the background of sand. The beach is now much wider. You almost need a taxi to get the edge of the water.

All this thanks to the Army Corp of Engineers, who rearranged the coast to protect us from the next Sandy. They tirelessly worked night and day: digging trenches, plowing sand, and pumping the dredges from far out in the sea.

Before all of this began, the beach was thinner. The water could reach the barricades. And shells rimmed the vestiges of the withdrawing sea. There were all kinds: clams, mussels, oysters and even conches. They were mostly dead, but a remnant of life from the sea. Young and old would marvel at the array, and gather pieces to remember. Now the edge of the sea is remote, and its tidal ebb and flow is clean. No more shells.

There were boundless large clamshells mixed with an assortment of many other smaller shell varieties, washed by the sea into surprising shapes. Every once in while, a family of conch shells could be found in a cluster, suggesting a family cast out by the sea. Sometimes they were still alive.

So what has happened to this magnificent display of life from the sea? I guess we gained a wider beach, but no more shells.

James Quintiere


Population problems

Regarding the recent column by Tyler Cowen, “Falling number of people in the world is a major unrecognized problem”:

In Tyler Cowen’s column on depopulation, he states how wonderful it would be to take advantage of planet Earth’s capacity to sustain human life. He explores many reasons for population decline, but does not directly tackle population control programs of governing entities.

Hopefully, though, his article will have people recognizing population problems which will lead to an incline of people over time.

Robert James Liquori

Somers Point

Surprise inspect Iran

Hopefully, President Biden will make nuclear deals with Iran and North Korea. However, I hope he does not repeat the fatal flaw of the first Iran deal: It imposed a waiting period for the inspection of suspected sites.

This would have allowed them to move the materials for making a nuclear weapon to a second site during the waiting period for the first site; then when the second site would come under suspicion, it would have a waiting period during which the material could be moved to a third site; and so on. (That is why a future president may cancel the deal again.)

Alvin Blake

Atlantic City

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