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Voice of the People, March 24, 2021

Voice of the People, March 24, 2021

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Limit terms to six years

The Republicans have more than a half dozen Sen. Joe Manchins and the Democrats have another two or three who could be brought along as well. With the House of Representatives being as close as it is, there is really no excuse for not finding at least a few compromise solutions to the country’s problems.

I fear the truth is most politicians would rather raise funds on the contentious issues than be seen to solve any problems at all. Perhaps term limits could save us from the civil war that is brewing. My suggestion is no more than six years for president, representative or senator. In addition, I’m open to compromise.

Irv Cohen


Garnish award repayment

Regarding the recent story, “Langford won’t run in primary; he and Marsh are years behind on repaying $850,000”:

After reading this article regarding two former Atlantic City elected officials, I’m a bit puzzled. These individuals owe the city (taxpayers) a huge amount of money but are very late in paying it back. One in particular is receiving $95,000 in pension money as the article stated, but cannot afford to pay anything?

It totally amazes me that nothing has be done to recoup the money that is owed the residents. It’s like they’re laughing at us, we are the suckers for sure. There should be a garnishment applied in this case.

Rocco Pepino

Atlantic City

Voting fears unjustified

I recently went for my COVID-19 vaccination at the Atlantic City Convention Center. The process went very smoothly. I preregistered and was given a date and time. When I arrived on schedule there was a long line, which moved quickly and efficiently, with special provisions provided for the handicapped. I had to produce identification at two different locations before proceeding to one of the vaccination desks. In all, with the exception of the 15 minute observation period, it took 20 minutes.

During that 15 minute wait I pondered; what if the vaccination desks had been voting booths? Could this efficiency be replicated during elections? Definitely. During the last election the fear of spreading the virus discouraged in-person voting. For the in-person vaccinations it didn’t seem to be of concern.

Basically we’re doing what we could have done for in-person voting. Those fears were unjustified.

Joseph Saccavino

Egg Harbor Township

Rental housing damaged

It bothers me that so many people have been damaged by COVID-19. The damage has been exaggerated by the politicians. They closed the courts and stopped all evictions.

There are now 50,000 cases in landlord/tenant courts of New Jersey. That amounts to more than $40 million a month. That is over $500 million delinquent.

Some tenants on unemployment benefits believe they do not have to pay rent. They spent the extra $600 on cars and flat-screens and the landlords have to provide housing to them.

The buildings did not catch COVID. Gov. Murphy stuck it to them.

Vince Barth

Atlantic City

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