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Voice of the People, July 31, 2021

Voice of the People, July 31, 2021

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Northfield Planning Board yet to approve vets clinic

Regarding the recent story, “New veterans clinic in Northfield to be ready by 2023”:

Is the veterans clinic coming in 2023? Maybe so. But this announcement is way premature.

To date, there has been no development application submitted to the city. There certainly will be issues to consider, including drainage, parking, traffic flow etc., which will need to be carefully considered by the Northfield Planning Board that I chair.

Politicians such as Rep. Jeff Van Drew should withhold taking credit until the process plays out.

Richard Levitt


Sad Cosby is freed

Regarding the recent column by Erwin Chemerinsky, “Pennsylvania court got it right in overturning Bill Cosby’s conviction”:

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court decision to release Bill Cosby, after multiple accusations of sexual assault dating back to 1969, is disappointing. Cosby is worth $400 million and had the resources to hire a team of attorneys to research a 16-year-old sealed record. Once his record was unsealed and presented to the judge, Cosby was released. Fame and wealth seem to be a common thread in the nation, where men accused of sexual crimes are not held accountable.

Many women have come forward with their accusations of sexual assault against Cosby. They have a common thread, that Cosby gave them a drink, they became dizzy or passed out in his bed in a compromising sexual act. There’s no way all these women are misrepresenting their similar accusations. Several were underage teenagers at the time. His legacy will remain tarnished, though he’s a free man, legally blind at age 83.

Cosby’s overturned verdict saddens me because this might encourage other sexual abuse and sexual assault survivors to remain quiet about the actions of powerful, famous, wealthy and ordinary men.

Valeria Marcus

Atlantic City

NJ teachers complicit in loss of liberty

Is the spirit of liberty dead? I’m talking about that little spark everyone is born with that first becomes evident at about 2 years of age. From that time forward, we are all indoctrinated with varying degrees of conformity in order to maintain a civilized society. Have we become overly civilized to the point of losing liberty?

Without liberty there can be no prosperity. That is New Jersey’s state motto and is displayed on the state flag. The events of the past year have shown without a doubt the people’s willingness to conform to the whims of the state. Hotline whistleblower sites were set up to garner informants to rat on nonconformists (small business owners trying to stay in business). How have we gotten to this point of an all-powerful government that picks winners and losers?

The answer lies in the education system of government schools. Polls show that up to 70% of adults 18 to 30 years old approve of socialism, an ideology totally opposite of individual liberty. Good, well-meaning teachers have sown crops of students (now adults) that reject the nation’s founding principals in favor of watered down communism. Teachers need to do some soul searching to reflect how complicit they have been. Parents who reject socialism need to decide if it’s time to get their kids out of government schools. It’s now or never.

James M. Spickard

Little Egg Harbor

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