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Voice of the People, July 31, 2020

Voice of the People, July 31, 2020

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Musical beauty reminder

I recently was approaching the front entrance of the Boscov’s store when I heard a musician playing a trumpet on the outside balcony of the now-closed Frank movie theater. It was just a few notes, but before I reached the store entrance, the musician began playing “Buglers Holiday,” written by Leroy Anderson.

That musician created a beautiful interlude in an otherwise troubled day. It was soul-stirring to hear the notes coming across the empty parking lot. It lifted my spirits.

The musician made my day brighter with a reminder of the beauty in this world.

Rosemarie A. Green


Jackson should be gone

I can’t believe not one person has made a comment regarding DeSean Jackson’s racist and hateful anti-Semitic remarks. I can’t understand how Jeff Lurie or Howie Roseman can keep him on the Philadelphia Eagles or even that he is still in the league.

His apologies are as pathetic and meaningless as he is. If he were white he would have been long gone.

Ronald Sussman


A mask mandate too far

Gov. Murphy has definitely gone too far and the members of the Legislature continue to do nothing to stop him. His recent dictate on mandatory masks outdoors when not social distancing is in clear violation of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on what the population is allowed to wear or not wear. He now apparently considers himself above the highest court in the land and they remain silent.

When will this nonsense stop? I guess when they all are voted out of office. Hope they have a new job lined up. I hear they’re looking for contract tracers.

Legislators and the governor are pathetic. They continue to let businesses such as restaurants die and their employees suffer needlessly out of fear, not scientific fact. Add them to the damage from the nursing home debacle. Just who are they serving? Pelosi, Schummer and Biden? How about the people of New Jersey? We are just cannon fodder.

Tom Szczepanski

Mays Landing

NJ MVC abused drivers

I am extremely upset at how the N.J. Motor Vehicle Commission has handled its reopening. There was very little thought put into how to handle the crowds.

My son had to go two days, a total of 21 hours waiting to get his license. Not only that, but after the first day of 10 hours and being 14 numbers away, he was told to leave and that his number would not be honored the next day.

When we left, which was at 4:15 p.m. after having gotten there at 6 a.m., there were several people out there still who had waited all day and probably didn’t get in. I would have been fine making an appointment for him online and coming in Friday rather than this, or even Monday. Having them wait for days in the heat is ludicrous. People can’t normally do that.

Russell Weems

Mays Landing

Yellow journalism returns

The 1890s experienced the unusual impact of “yellow journalism,” which was endemic in the pervasive influence of William Randolph Hearst’s newspaper empire. At that time, the Spanish-American War developed (partly) as a result of this destructive enterprise.

Today, with TV (mostly cable news) exerting inordinate pressure to alter assumptions and to subvert independent thought and accurate fact-finding, yellow journalistic techniques have now permeated the news organizations. Hearst might be delighted that over a half-century after his death, his self-aggrandizing and destructive methods are so ubiquitous across so many news outlets.

America should wake up. And please, people, do some of your own assessments of events and facts, instead of reacting like Pavlov’s dog when CNN, Fox News or MSNBC rings the bell.

Ron Smith


Pelosi insults families

Recent comments by Nancy Pelosi regarding the Columbus statue torn down and pulled into the bay in her hometown of Baltimore are an insult to the millions of hard working people who live the American dream as a result of the trip thru Ellis Island and busting their backs to make a better life for their children. Pelosi’s attempt to be relevant falls flat on its face. Guess she won’t be the grand marshal of the parade in Baltimore this year.

She dishonors everyone’s family with her disregard for where people come from.

Frank A. Barbers


Jackson must forget

I have been debating over whether or not to comment on the post from Eagle’s football player DeSean Jackson regarding the Jews. However at this point in my life and my career, I cannot sit idly by and let such a vivid derogatory slur go unanswered. I am so tired of discrimination and hatred being perpetuated and people choosing to turn a blind eye.

What Jackson shared was unacceptable and it was a horrible attack on the Jews. He seems to have forgotten, or not understood, that the Jewish people have also been victims and are still being victimized. Jackson must not remember that nearly 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust. He must not understand that this occurred only 75 years ago, not remember that these Jews who lost their lives were enslaved in concentration camps and forced to dig their own graves, so that when they were shot they would just fall right in, or that they were cooked alive in ovens.

Jackson must have forgotten that the Jews walked side by side with Martin Luther King as he walked from Selma to Montgomery, and about the mass shooting that occurred at the synagogue in Pittsburgh targeting Jews less than two years ago.

Since Jackson apparently has forgotten all of these things, I am sure he also forgot about the swastikas that were painted on Market Street in Philadelphia in May of this year. I think he would benefit from revisiting his history studies at University of California, reading and listening to the real news (not just posts) and maybe consider some memory booster exercises.

Ilene Cantor


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