Letter, media twisted Wash. church events

Regarding the recent letter, “Law-and-order president”:

The writer takes issue with President Trump walking a half block out his front door to hold up a Bible in front of a church (commonly referred to as The Church of the Presidents) after a horrendous night of fires, defacement of national monuments and violent upheaval.

That very church had been set on fire the previous night. Even the next day, it was still a potentially dangerous scenario, with obvious unrest, yet what did the media and the letter writer find objectionable? Clearing the area adjacent to the White House and the president holding a Bible.

To me and many who do not have twisted minds, poisoned by the biased media, Trump holding up the Bible symbolized, “Herein lies the answer.”

The letter also states that Episcopal Bishop Mariann Budde was outraged that the president did not ask her permission to stand in front of her church. How ironic, and obviously politically motivated, that her outrage was not directed toward the actual burning of this historic national church.

Stand up, silent majority. President Trump did nothing wrong. The violence and destruction by the rioters in the heart of the capital was the vile, heartbreaking story that should have been promulgated.

Kathleen F. Pendlebury

Cape May Court House

Protest backers experienced

I am concerned about some letters recently about protests and some lootings that occurred by some misguided people to take attention away from the real purpose of the protests.

One writer said, “protest all black killings.” He cited high numbers of killings in four major cities about Blacks killing Blacks, but said there’s different reaction when whites kill Blacks. Point noted.

However, I want to emphasize to this writer that it is wrong for people to kill anybody whether green, black, white or brown. I don’t know if the writer is aware of all the protests in the Black community by ministers, politicians, civic groups and others about these shootings in the community. I don’t know the skin color of the writer or his political persuasion, but all I can think of is him being ignorant of what goes on in other communities besides his. All that Blacks were protesting for is equal treatment of the law as enshrined in the Constitution and nothing more or less. I think if the writer had gone through some of the horrible things that happened to people, he wouldn’t think this way.

The writer should request statistics from the Innocence Project. Maybe that would open a little bit what seems to me his closed mind. Whatever the case, I respect his opinion and he should do so in all matters others opine. I don’t hate people just because. I only love people for who they are. A word to the wise is enough.

Albert A. Mensah

Atlantic City

Statue foes ignore history

A recent letter writer called for the hanging of statues of Confederates, calling them “traitors.” The scary thing is that the writer was a former teacher who seems to have no clue about history.

He called them traitors against the U.S.A. Get the facts straight. Until the Civil War people considered their state as their country. Jeff Davis after his capture at the end of the war demanded to be tried to prove the Southern states had the right to secede. The federal government never tried him and released him after two years’ incarceration, obviously fearful a court would find the South had the right to secede and were not traitors. Most Southerners didn’t hold slaves and were fighting for their state ror their rights.

These thugs and vandals dishonor soldiers who died for their beliefs. They even sprayed graffiti on the tomb of the Revolutionary War unknown and tore down a statue honoring fallen soldiers from modern wars. Time to learn from history not rewrite it.

Most Southern men didn’t own slaves, and even a very few free blacks owned slaves as did Native Americans. Some Arabs today still own black slaves. The U.S. government committed far more atrocious acts to Native Americans than Columbus did. If you want to tear down anything from the Civil War, go after the organization that started it and the KKK and enacted Jim Crow laws as well promotes social unrest today, the Democratic Party. Defund them not the police.

Tony Perry

Egg Harbor Township

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