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Voice of the People, July 20, 2021

Voice of the People, July 20, 2021

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Maybe letter writers deserve compensation too

Just a little comic relief here. If college athletes can be super-compensated for bouncing or carrying a ball, perhaps an opinion letter writer, like myself, can be super-starred for moving a pen or traversing a digital keypad with wit, wisdom and wonderfulness. So athletes have NIL (names, images and likenesses), and us letter writers have W3s.

Now don't everyone grab their checkbooks at once. I'm willing to work for just nice stationery.

Robert James Liguori

Somers Point

Use NJ extra revenue for verifiable voting

We have an unexpected $10 billion surplus. The lawmakers and the governor want to divvy it up by handing out tax rebates to voters, making long-overdue payments to the state pension system, and paying $2.5 billion to reduce N.J. debt. There are also smaller allocations, but the most critical need to be overlooked is the need to secure elections.

N.J. passed legislation more than a decade ago that would have made us one of the first states to have electronic voting machines with a paper receipt that could be independently audited. The funding never materializes. Today, we are one of only six states that still cannot verify the accuracy of elections through a recount. Can you imagine the mess the country would be in right now if Arizona and Georgia were unable to recount the votes? An election crisis may be in our immediate future.

So, what has stopped us from upgrading the election hardware recently? It would cost $80 million to purchase secure voting machines, money that we didn't have ... until now. In their excitement to spend down the budget surplus, elected officials forgot their promise to buy us new voting machines. Surely we can spare a tiny fraction of the proposed debt payment to secure our elections. Let's get this done. The time is now.

Brian T. Lynch

Mine Hill

Shocked at cheating pitchers

Please tell me it’s not true, that baseball pitchers are using a foreign substance. What's next, sign stealing?

Richard Lewis


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