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Voice of the People, Jan. 14, 2020

Voice of the People, Jan. 14, 2020

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Return Van Drew funds

Two years ago, when then state Sen. Jeff Van Drew decided to run for Congress, a fundraiser was held in Sea Isle City, and I made a donation to his campaign. Since the news has reported that he has switched political parties, I can no longer trust him or vote for him in the future.

I would like to have my donation returned to me. From now on, I will refer to him as “Jeff Van Done.”

James Fusco


Insurance cost will limit licenses for immigrants

According to New Jersey Policy Perspective, there are 450,000 undocumented immigrants in New Jersey. Supposedly, 338,000 of this total would obtain driver’s licenses.

Are these undocumented immigrants going to be safer drivers than all of us that are now driving on the roads and highways in New Jersey?

Owning a motor vehicle in New Jersey requires the purchasing of adequate insurance. New Jersey has been known to be one of the costliest states to purchase motor vehicle insurance in the country.

When reality sets in and the undocumented immigrants find out what the cost will be to purchase insurance, there may not be so many of them obtaining driver’s licenses. They will continue to take their chances of driving in New Jersey without driver’s licenses as they have in the past years.

David M. Levin


Electric vehicles get pass on paying for NJ roads

Regarding the recent Press editorial, “NJ doesn’t need a costly, unfair scheme promoting electric vehicles”:

Now that the gas tax is on an auto pilot increase, how will the EV owners pay their fair share of the road repairs and maintenance?

If more drivers switch to EVs, isn’t that less gas purchased and tax collected?

Now the Democrats want to pass feel good legislation that will cost everyone else more money. Not everyone can afford an EV regardless of the tax incentives.

Frank J. Gasparon

Mt. Ephraim

Van Drew should resign

Rep. Jeff Van Drew was elected to office with the financial and volunteer support of the Democratic Party in the 2nd District, where a majority voted for a Democrat to represent them in Congress. Van Drew should honor the will of the voters of the district, take the honorable decision, and resign his seat, allowing Gov. Phil Murphy to replace him with a real Democrat.

I am skeptical that he will do so. Van Drew should study American history and the consequences of his decision.

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