Van Drew irresponsible

I was disappointed in Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s vote against the impeachment inquiry. To say that we should let the voters decide is only a poor excuse for not making what I think is the right decision of conscience.

I think President Trump abused the power of his office by refusing to allow subpoenaed documents to be released and members of his administration to testify. This is a violation of the separation of powers and could be construed as part of a cover up. Then when the whistleblower revealed the possibility that the president tried to get a foreign nation to investigate a political rival in exchange for foreign aid and a meeting in the White House, an impeachment inquiry was required.

Van Drew and every member of Congress had a duty to vote for this inquiry to determine whether the president committed impeachable offenses. It has nothing to do with being a Republican or Democrat, for Trump or against Trump. We should not wait for the election because this is about the future of government. If Congress doesn’t hold the power of the presidency in check, it will severely hamper the balance of power and will set a dangerous precedent. If Congress does not have the power of oversight, there is nothing to curb the power of the presidency.

Van Drew voting against the inquiry was totally irresponsible.

John Murray

Galloway Township

Supports Rep. Van Drew

In today’s era of hate and vitriol, with elected officials pandering to their party’s shifting ideology and special interests, it’s refreshing to see Congressman Jeff Van Drew take a stand. It’s all too common today to see candidates change who they are once they are elected to office, losing perspective on placing service above self.

Many have claimed Van Drew is playing politics. Nothing could be further from the truth. He could have played politics and voted his former party line, wasting a tremendous amount of time and taxpayer money on these impeachment hearings. Instead he stood by his oath and core values, focusing on serving the needs of his constituents here in District 2.

As former Democratic chairman for Atlantic City, I am all too familiar with some of the force-fed ideology from the purported party leadership and the wasting of taxpayer money. Which is why I switched parties several years ago. Today I serve as vice chairman of the Atlantic City Republican Party and welcome Van Drew to the GOP and admire his courage for taking a stand and holding on to his core values, principles over politics.

Tom Forkin

Atlantic City

Van Drew change political

I think Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s party switch has nothing to do with principle but is motivated solely by political survival. In two years Van Drew has rarely voted with President Trump.

The day Bill Hughes passed away, Van Drew voted against the impeachment inquiry. I believe there is no doubt how Hughes would have voted. We miss politicians of principle.

Sal Perillo

Cape May

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