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Voice of the People, Jan. 31, 2021

Voice of the People, Jan. 31, 2021

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Value others, foster hope

Sometimes we can’t see the forest through the trees. We get stuck in indifference and even hatred, leading us to destroy the person we disagree with in our lives. Hence we have the “cancel culture.”

Consider these people:

St. Monica gives many parents solace having prayed for and never giving up on her wayward son. We know him now as St. Augustine.

St. John Paul II preached the dignity of every life despite opposition.

St. Giana gave her life for her baby.

St. Faustina showed the world Jesus’s endless mercy to those who would accept it.

Harriet Tubman risked her life to free our African people from slavery.

Corrie Ten Boon risked her life to shelter and hide Jewish people from Nazi soldiers.

It is easy to cancel each other out. What is more difficult is what these people have done. They have sacrificed, forgiven, and have been brave beyond their circumstance. Through their lives they have given all of us what is most needed: Hope.

Jaqueline Long

Galloway Township

Schiff right about Trump

About a year ago during the impeachment hearings, Rep. Adam Schiff made the case that President Trump was assaulting democracy and needed to be stopped. And if not, he would do it again only worse. I think Schiff was right.

Stephen Spahn


Dems empathetic, caring

Regarding the recent letter, “Can’t trust Democrats”:

The writer claimed that the election of 2020 was “in my observation an unmitigated fraud.” What evidence is there for this claim? There were 62 court cases which found no evidence of fraud. Many of those involved were members of the Republican Party. Some of the ruling justices were named by President Trump.

The writer believes “Antifa, BLM and other gangs use similar and coordinated tactics and pursue similar goals.” Antifa is not a formal organization. Some activists may engage in non-peaceful actions, but analysts believe “Antifa is not a major domestic risk and ranked far-right extremism and white supremacy as the top domestic risk,” according to Wikipedia.

The writer doesn’t trust Democrats. But we witnessed Trump encourage the violent assault on the Capitol.

The writer of course is entitled to their opinion. But I believe that opinions by people like the writer help enabled the tragedy of the violence at the Capitol.

I think the majority of Democrats are empathetic, caring people, who do not support enabling the richest citizens to become richer. We care for people of need.

Barbara E. Olsen

Mays Landing

Special election needed

I’m grateful to Superior Court Judge Joseph Marczyk for standing up for legal votes in the special election ordered in the District 3 Atlantic County commissioners race. This is what we need, people who will stand up for the soul of the nation. It is what our relatives and forefathers fought and died for, our freedom. That freedom includes voting and not being under a dictatorship.

There was no thought about tax money being spent on mail-in voting, it was dictated to do it. I think many knew in their hearts it would enable some fraud (and read about someone who received a ballot for a dead spouse or relative).

Bonnie McGuire


Prison for Capitol rioters

Those who stormed the nation’s Capitol, with President Donald Trump egging them on, have caused chaos, destruction and death, including that of a Capitol police officer.

I think many of them will be going to prison, while Trump will be free and off playing golf somewhere.

I pray these people will look to the Lord and follow his example.

Karen Aspenberg

Egg Harbor Township

Ban out-of-state challenges

We in the United States take the right to vote seriously. It is how we elect officeholders on national, state, county and local levels including lighting districts, fire districts and school districts. Each of these elections is controlled by state rules and regulations.

This year we have seen some elected federal officials question the outcome of some elections. They have not challenged the elections in their states, choosing to disagree with the outcomes of other states they do not represent. Various courts at both the state and federal level have not permitted this to occur.

Here in New Jersey I think many do not want some elected official from some other state or territory telling us how to hold elections. We have rules established by law that we follow here. These laws are set forth by elected officials here who represent the voting public here. If we do not like the legislation here that controls our elections, we have the opportunity to replace these individuals by virtue of a free and fair election.

This election cycle, the process has been challenged at the federal level and it has been turned back each time. Alleging wrongdoing is not viable proof of wrongdoing. The system of justice requires a lot more than merely just saying something is illegal.

I think that those in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives who disagree with the outcome shouldn’t have the right to challenge the conduct of the elections in other jurisdictions. They should have no legal standing to do so and the courts have ruled against them in every case.

President Trump encouraged some of his followers protest in force at the Capital and some stormed it, creating chaos, property damage and destruction in the people’s house. This is unacceptable. They should all be held accountable. Those whose actions supported this attack on the values we hold dear should be voted out of office.

Robert E. McNulty Sr.

Egg Harbor Township

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