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Voice of the People, Feb. 22, 2021

Voice of the People, Feb. 22, 2021

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Appreciate good of Trump

I respect our presidents, despite their inevitable faults. I welcome President Biden. I congratulate President Trump for enduring the price of presidency and his determination to give direction to the country, despite the usual political incidents.

I respect his not allowing himself to be denigrated, although he may have overreacted, a natural human instinct. I was surprised, then pleased, to have him frequently communicate with ordinary citizens by way of social media and off the cuff interviews.

The concept that a president is not fit to be president can be applied to all presidents. Impeachment trials have never resulted in a conviction. From my personal standpoint, I appreciate that Trump did not commit the military to a new major battle or war, but did maintain our preventative military strength. I also appreciate the efforts against COVID-19, remarkably early, to direct billions of dollars to Operation Warp Speed, successfully inventing vaccines.

Trump has advised all to respect the benefits given to the world by the U.S.A. I also believe his many advisers deserve regard as they are crucial contributors. Despite harrowing politics, the U.S.A. persevered, as God and Jesus blessed our fundamental principles and adherence to them, exemplifying the safety that our forefathers provided to hopefully ensure a lasting structure for the country.

The Constitution and its amendments, thus far once again, seem to have stood the test of time.

Owen Sheekey


Need one vaccine registry

The state of New Jersey’s COVID vaccination registry site is essentially useless. Those meeting the eligibility criteria are merely given a list of places to begin a frustrating chase for an available appointment, only to find that there are none available.

The registry site for Atlantic City Convention Center was overwhelmed. Those who were unable to schedule appointments had to start the process all over again. There is no ability to maintain your place in line for the next appointments when vaccines again become available.

May I suggest that there be a central registry where one can maintain their place in line at the acceptable locations. One could be texted or emailed when it is their turn. A limited time can be given to schedule their appointment. Then they’d lose their place in line if they do not respond in a timely fashion.

Michael Connor


Van Drew effective leader

Recent letters to the editor show that Democrats continue to have Rep. Jeff Van Drew in their crosshairs for having the audacity to abandon the Democratic Party and support President Trump. The candidacy of the well-funded novice Amy Kennedy was soundly rejected by the voters.

Now the Democrats are focused on Van Drew’s vote regarding the certification of Electoral College voters. They describe him as a “traitor” and a “threat to democracy.” These descriptions of Van Drew’s actions are way over the top, and just the latest smear tactic.

Van Drew has accepted Joe Biden as president and expressed a desire to work with the new administration on the important issues facing the country. People should put the traitor talk away and let democracy run its course.

Jeff Van Drew was an effective leader for years before Trump and will continue to be so after Trump is gone. The voters have spoken. Let’s turn the page and honor the will of the voters.

Michael Morley


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