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Voice of the People, Feb. 20, 2021

Voice of the People, Feb. 20, 2021

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Message in the backdrop

To me it seems that photos of President Trump often appear with the presidential seal behind his head, giving him a halo effect. There is nothing holy about that man.

And conversely, photos of President Biden often appear to me to have only the blurred eagle wings behind him, giving him the appearance of floppy ears (or maybe, horns?).

No politician should be portrayed as holy. They are mere people. I believe this is subliminal messaging that should stop.

Roberta Bowen

Somers Point

Flower thief condemned

Recently on a cold winter’s day and after nearly 99 blessed years on this Earth, my beloved mother-in-law was laid to rest in an area cemetery. It was a private service due to the COVID situation, attended only by our small family and a few close dear friends.

The farewell was solemn and beautiful. After only a few hours, my sister-in-law returned to the gravesite to quietly and privately say goodbye to her, only to discover the beautiful flower spray had been stolen.

I am positive when it is time for the disrespectful low life individual who committed this despicable act to make their transition, they will never travel through the pearly gates of heaven, but am definitely sure they will enjoy their warm stay with the devil by their side for eternity.

Barbara Gates


Electric cars aren’t ready

President Biden’s anti-fossil fuel campaign will lead to higher gas prices, as well as higher prices for food and related items at supermarkets, restaurants, bars and coffee shops since they are devaluing the dollar.

Technology hasn’t caught up enough so that electric automobiles can travel the distance drivers expect without a charge.

What’s going to happen when people look at the gauge of their electric automobile and it’s almost drained. Where are they going to pull over for a charge, and how long will that $5,000 or $10,000 battery last? Even with government subsidies, the majority of Americans aren’t able to afford an electric automobile.

The individuals sent to Washington don’t listen and don’t care what citizens have to say. It doesn’t matter what political party they are part of.

David Barsky

Atlantic City

Vaccination quest stressful

I am 80 years old. My cardiologist has told me to avoid stress. My primary care physician has told me to get a COVID vaccination. These two instructions are mutually incompatible. What is a person to do?

Henry Goldsmith

Mays Landing

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