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Voice of the People, Feb. 19, 2021

Voice of the People, Feb. 19, 2021

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Wind turbines too visible

In contrast to some rosy assertions regarding the offshore wind projects, consider the visible impact of the project coming off of Long Beach Island and the one coming off Atlantic City.

The leased area for LBI wind project starts 9 miles out. The wind company intends to use the best turbines available, which means very large ones in the 12-to-14-megawatt range. No shore community elsewhere that I can find is facing that combination of very large turbine size and closeness to shore. I think it will have a dramatic visible effect and be a great aesthetic loss for the Island.

Someone proposed using moderate sized turbines and placing them 15 miles out, but it was rejected.

So the only recourse is to reconsider the lease area itself, and trade it for areas 27 miles out and beyond previously recommended for wind energy development by the federal agency in charge, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. There turbine visibility would not be an issue and the wind project could use the larger size turbines.

Such a change in the area would cause a project delay but is in the long-term interest of both the Island and the wind developers regarding future projects.

The island’s visual loss might be great, so it would be prudent to slow down the project and take a hard look at all the options.

I have a degree in aeronautical engineering and previously managed an office in the U.S. Department of Energy dealing with energy and environmental issues.

Bob Stern

Beach Haven

Advice for a protester

The gentleman wearing buffalo horns and animal fur who illegally broke into the Capitol of the United States of America should always remember, if you mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Bernard Matthews

Ocean City

Put differences aside now

The fair and free election is over and President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were duly elected. Letter writers should quit saying there needs to be an investigation of potential voter fraud. We have a new president and we must move forward and focus on a rapid distribution of COVID vaccines and putting our differences aside to bring humanity back to this great country.

Linda Mierzwinski

Egg Harbor Township

COVID empathy welcomed

One of the primary things that I will most remember from the events leading up the President Biden’s inauguration and his inaugural address itself is the time he devoted for reflection for the over 400,000 Americans lost to COVID-19 (including over 20,000 here in New Jersey). Empathy was in short supply in recent years and, combined with a belief in proactive measures to help us combat the pandemic is exactly what is needed during these challenging times.

Steve Clayton

Ocean Township

Critics of Dems persevere

I have been involved in politics for decades (in Pennsylvania) and never have I seen such vindictiveness from the Democratic Party. Two more years of nasty Nancy Pelosi and their D.C. leadership. And they expect unity?

Saddest of all are the many extreme executive orders that President Biden is in a hurry to sign. I doubt he knows what he is signing but is trusting the looney far left. God help this country.

Newspapers continue to publish the Associated Press and other wire service tripe to fill space. There were two gems recently, one anti-Christianity and the other full of hate of President Trump.

Sorry to disappoint the Democrats, but their critics won’t be reprogrammed.

Jacqueline Crahalla


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